Wonderful Home Lighting Fixtures Design Ideas

August 17, 2017
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All of us want to feature an original feature towards the decor in our home. Sometimes we use art pieces, creative furniture, color accents, cathedral ceiling with beams, etc.

Capiz shells are translucent shells from the windowpane oyster and that is based in the coastal waters from the Philippines. The name “capiz, ” comes coming from the name of the province inside the Philippines where there‘s a large concentration from the mollusk. Capiz shells are probably the most interesting ceiling lighting ideas and also the shells will also be used for creating lamp shades, chandeliers, decorative items and accessories. We‘ll show you some fascinating capiz shell chandelier ideas which add incredible charm and magnificence towards the interior.

Capiz shell chandelier ideas – shapes and colors

Look into the choice of capiz shell chandelier ideas inside the gallery below. You‘ll see that capiz chandeliers are available different shapes, sizes and colors. During the past capiz shells were used rather than glass because of the durability and translucence. Nowadays, these specific properties are used to make beautiful lighting fixtures with natural appearance and great aesthetics. Capiz chandeliers are available various shapes – ball shaped chandeliers, square, rectangular, tiered and all they provide a soft, diffused light which casts a romantic glow inside the room.

Inspiring and fabulous Capiz shell chandelier ideas

A chandelier is really a symbol of luxury, elegance and magnificence. Capiz shell chandelier ideas are no exception and they‘re an eye catching decoration coming from sea towards the ceiling in each and every room – living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, etc. Capiz chandeliers work with any design style – they blend in rustic interiors beautifully but stand out being an accent in minimalist and Scandinavian style interiors.

The tender white translucent color works with another colors in a room and also the delicate, sophisticated shine from the shells makes these chandeliers really exclusive. Capiz shell chandeliers are the ideal choice for those who want to get a unique lighting fixture.