Unique Boho Room Decor Ideas Inspirations

January 20, 2017
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Boho room decor ideas are an excellent combination of eye catching elements. Bohemian style is anything but simple, although to some people it seems chaotic and mismatched.

Piles of cushions, multi-colored curtains, exotic bedding sets, oriental accessories, lots and a lot of different bits of furniture, fixtures, accessories, jewelry and decorative pieces – you could find any of those inside a boho room. When examining the different boho room interiors one cannot be bored. Monochrome, uniformity – you won‘t ever find anything of that sort inside a boho room decor. No, your eyes will jump in one color to a different, in one section of furniture to a different and also the warm, friendly eclecticism will make You are feeling like you‘re time travelling. The shortage of rules, restrictions or requirements is what defines Bohemian style in interior so original, so overwhelming and thus unique. Bohemian style is about individuality, freedom, independence, self-expression, artistic approach, and also the interiors often involve combinations which, initially glance, seem incongruous when it comes to colors and details.

Boho room decor ideas – Bohemian style origin and main features

How did Bohemian style originate? How you can recognize the boho style? How you can decorate your residence inside a trendy boho chic? We shall try to provide you with the answers and can provide you with a choice of incredibly vivacious boho room decor ideas to inspire you.

To understanding boho style we have to understand the origin of their name. Simplified from “La Boheme” in everyday vocabulary, the term translated from French means a gypsy but describes the bohemian lifestyle, that was characteristic to the artists from the 19th century. There‘s nothing surprising, because Boho style is likewise said to possess originated in Bohemia, a territory that was inhabited by most gypsies during the past. These nomadic souls lived by their very own rules for centuries and had their very own special and unique stylistic solutions. Maybe that‘s the reason why artists were called Bohemians – people that had a superb view of life and refused to follow the rules and principles from the society, disrespecting the canons and attempting to live inside a bright and creative way.

Perhaps one of the main characteristic features of boho style is that the combination of colours, patterns, textures and different cultural influences that exist in the planet. Make no mistake – if you‘re somebody who is really a fan of the ideal order, of interiors where everything to the final detail has its own place, Bohemian style is basically not your style. Bohemian style, using its unusual, bright and unpredictable mixtures, is appealing to people who wish to create an original home interior that reflects the adore of freedom and unique personality from the homeowner. The foremost interesting thing that describes the boho style inside the interior is the shortage of strict framework or rules which enables endless possibilities to make a decision how you can decorate and arrange your residence.

There are many different options which you‘ll use to obtain a bright and unexpected effect. The reality is people that reside in bohemian style interiors rarely plan the planning and don‘t burden themselves with much thought but depend on the personal taste and perception.

Inside a boho room decor you are able to choose one main color scheme and choose one “basic” color. This design technique involves playing with contrasts. For instance, a beautiful effect could be achieved by placing golden pillow on the blue couch or carelessly throwing red plaid on black chair. Within the colour scheme you are able to mix different styles, oriental motifs, or produce a neutral background accentuated by color pops in the foremost vivid rainbow colors.

Another major feature of Boho style is that the liberty to select the materials for furniture, decor and accessories. You‘ll see a beautiful expensive oak parquet and whitewashed brick walls, fabulous plaster ornaments upon the ceiling as well as walls and extremely simple furniture pieces – contrasts doing work in harmony. Despite the undeniable fact that there aren‘t any rules, the majority of boho room interiors feature natural materials, and that is typical for rustic, country, shabby chic style, along with other styles, aside from high tech. Plastic along with other synthetic materials are rarely seen.

Boho room decor ideas – choosing Bohemian style furniture?

An indoor in boho style suggests an atmosphere of creativity and relaxation, a spot for a pleasing time. Comfort is that the word that describes furniture pieces inside a bohemian interior. Upholstered furniture ought to be chosen with regard towards the personal comfort – comfortable and deep sofas, cozy armchairs, ottomans, side tables with simple forms.

Leather sofas are perfect for Bohemain style interiors. Armchairs from another set beside the sofa will increase the unexpected visual aesthetics and whenever you add a little coffee table or ottoman you should have quite interesting combinations of different shapes and colors.

Vintage furniture pieces fit perfectly in many boho room decor ideas. You‘ll have found them upon the attic of your respective grandmother’s house or with a flea market, for instance – a pile of old books, but they‘ll be that little “twist”, where one can make a very good accent and add a large number of character.

Antique chests of drawers, shabby chic armoires, wooden sideboards, a rocking chair, wicker furniture – these are typical to the boho style and emphasize the originality from the home. Wrought iron furniture and accessories will also be a very good idea when you would like to decorate an area in boho style. For instance – wrought iron bed headboards, backs of chairs or feet of dining tables, wrought iron support for flowers or perhaps a statuette.

We seldom see organized storage inside a boho room. The creative chaos is section of the Boho interior –a pile of books lying upon the windowsill, pillows on the ground, various decorative items on open shelves, candles of various colors and shapes grouped from the fireplace – whatever pleases the homeowner. In fact, clothes scattered all around the room Isn‘t complementary, so a vintage wardrobe will certainly be most useful. Just remember – the foremost important usually is to experiment with original, bold saturated colors, various patterns, textures, materials, finishes and to not be scared showing your personality. A boho room should certainly reflect it your individuality and lifestyle.

How you can create a powerful boho room decor?

Here are a few very practical tips and ideas how you can create a powerful bogo room decor. The style is greatly favorable to collectors as they could display their collected items or items they bought while travelling in several countries. Such items will certainly be very helpful as wall decorations, they could be displayed on the console table as well as fireplace mantel. Again, there isn‘t any rule things to display – it could be anything given by a straw hat which you bought with an island vacation, to garlands of crystal pendants, retro posters, oriental lanterns, figurines made of ceramic or wood, intricate dishes, paintings by street artists – anything that pleases the eye. Use different textures and materials for curtains, pillows, rugs and upholstery. Combine fur and cotton, velvet and silk, batiste and tapestry. Many people would rather combine patterned carpets and colorful cushions which looks especially spectacular in Oriental styles like Moroccan interiors. Using iconic accessories is typical in bohemian style decors. Accessories should vary : beautiful, catchy, sometimes contradictory, however they ought to be special things with personal history and associations.

There are many main Bohemian style varieties that united by the idea of freedom, experiment, expressiveness, originality and creativity.

Boho style with classic elements pays respect to classic forms, shapes and textiles like tapestry, velvet, cotton and silk. Very often you are able to see antique carpets or rugs, screens with oriental ornaments, valuable accessories and decorative items. Typical colors are considered to become beige, gold, and brown marble but with bright accents like curtains or pillows which balance the classical details.

Boho chic is exceptionally trendy, sometimes even luxurious. You‘ll see top quality materials, interesting textures and surfaces, various vintage and glamorous furniture pieces, ceiling lamps with crystals and pendants, glamorous crystal chandeliers, carved chairs, photographs in beautiful frames, silk pillows, etc. The most thing usually is to rely more by yourself taste and to not forget the interior should look subtly and exquisitely luxurious.