Trendy Sleeping Dod Design Ideas

January 12, 2017
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A sleeping pod looks like something coming from the longer term. Each and everyone of people has had a while once the only thought in her thoughts are “I want to rest!

I‘d like to reach home ! ” and it really is especially true for individuals working full amount of in time corporate offices or travelling long distances. Somebody who works for a few hours is tired mentally and physically, with a negative influence on his work. How wonderful wouldn‘t it be if you can discover a cozy place and take just a little refreshing nap to revive one‘s mind and body? In several countries, executives have understood the significance of good rest and just how it improves the health from the employees, their mood and also has distinct effect on the work. Sleeping pods are gaining popularity and nowadays there will be airports that install them to supply a spot for rest from the passengers in between flights.

Exactly just what sleeping pod?

A sleeping pod is really a special, isolated place where one can relax and sleep. It‘s designed in a way in order to make people feel most comfortable. Sleeping pods are shaped like a cocoon or an egg, which symbolizes care and protection. Sleeping pods are available different designs – they can be closed or partially open. Because of the undeniable fact that some individuals are susceptible to claustrophobia, there will be sleeping pods partially made of transparent materials. Modern furniture ideas and solutions offer great sleeping pod designs which could significantly enhance the efficiency of office work, cheerfulness, mood and health.

Sleeping pod design ideas – a look towards future

You‘ve heard that scientists recommend a brief nap for about 20 minutes which should recover the mental and physical strength of individuals. Let’s look into some unique sleeping pod designs depending on modern and innovative technology.

MetroNaps energy pod is manufactured from the American company MetroNaps. This amazing futuristic designer chair supplies a comfortable and cozy space where one can relax in peace. Designed with professional BOSE speakers you‘ll awake from the nap with soft sounds. EnergyPod chair is definitely an innovative and elegant solution to some contemporary problem – finding a place to bring a brief nap during working hours. The planning of EnergyPod is founded on many years of research, which combines a stylish look with ergonomic functionality. You won‘t be surprised to see that EnergyPods are utilized in Google offices, Siemens, PricewaterhouseCoopers, even the Vancouver International Airport.

Napshell is really a mixture between a chair and also a bed driven by concept of “room inside the room without creating a way of isolation even in those who are susceptible to experience claustrophobia. Made for short daytime rest for 20-30 minutes, this can be a futuristic design, developed in 2004 ordered by “Daimler” concern using the participation from the industrial designers of the corporate and physiologists in the University of Stuttgart.

Transport sleeping pod or tranquility pod is even more of a bed when compared to a chair. This can be a fantastic, ergonomic product for sleep, shaped like an egg. The unusual semi-closed shape is developed in 2002 combines with relaxing sound and light. Product of Alberto Frias (USA ).