Tips Choosing Kitchen Countertop Corian or Granite Materials

July 24, 2017
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It always involves making choices. Do we choose an all-natural material or perhaps a manmade material? How could they be differ from each other? Which is better?

We shall look into two extremely popular kitchen countertop materials and find out the comparison of Corian vs Granite. There are a lot of people that support one or another pointing the advantages and disadvantages of each and every stone.

Corian vs Granite – origin and appearance

Once we compare Corian vs Granite we need to start using the origin of both. What‘s Corian as well as what is granite? These are generally completely different materials. Corian is really a manufactured product which includes 66% minerals and 33% binding resins. Granite is really a natural stone, quarried from earth and cut into slabs. The surface could be honed or polished but nothing is added towards the stone itself.

The appearance of granite and Corian is much more or less a results of their origin. Granite slabs differ from each other and every one has its own unique color, veining and overall appearance. Corian is mass produced and can also be designed to seem like genuine granite. When it comes to color options, Corian will come in a wider variety of colours, styles and patterns than natural granite.

Corian vs Granite – performance and maintenance

When selecting the very best kitchen countertop, besides the aesthetic appeal, we need to compare the characteristics from the materials. It isn‘t easy to work out the winning in Corian vs Granite battle but let’s look into the performance and upkeep of corian and granite.

Durability – Granite is really a durable and solid rock and provides an excellent heat, stain, scratch and chemical resistance. It‘s naturally porous, meaning that granite can absorb spills and although it isn‘t simple to damage a solid rock like granite, as time passes there‘s a possibility that it might chip or crack. Granite requires an initial application of the sealant and periodical re-sealing to avoid the surface from stains but generally t requires less maintenance than Corian. Corian, however, is nonporous which suggests it can‘t be stained and really simple to clean. However, It‘s susceptible to scratches, and high temperatures will damage the surface. You can‘t place hot pots and pans directly on the Corian countertop.