Stylish Room with Parquet Hardwood Flooring Material Design

July 20, 2017
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The options of flooring always depends upon the function of the space during which the flooring could be installed. A parquet flooring has an excellent appeal and, with respect to the design, it may give the space a rustic touch, an elegant and sophisticated look or just make the space warmer. Natural wood flooring provides you the sense of connection with nature and if you prefer a parquet flooring, you have to choose the laying pattern based on the room.

Parquet flooring – the best comfort with your home

The options of parquet flooring is step one to the best comfort and warmth in your residence. Parquet floors contribute towards the unique style and class inside a modern apartment, villa or perhaps a luxurious office. It combines elegance and aesthetics, which other products can hardly offer.

Parquet floors offer the very best properties possible – high degree of hardness, weather resistance, good thermal insulation properties, with incredible natural beauty and individuality. The most famous wood species for parquet flooring are oak, beech, ash, walnut, maple and cherry but you will see hardwood floors from exotic wood species like bamboo, teak, mahogany, etc. Solid wood flooring has unique qualities when it comes to style, colors, grain and is really a major element in modern interior design.

Why choose parquet flooring?

Flooring is versatile and is available in a huge variety and kinds of wood. Parquet flooring is really a natural product made of wood. It‘s durable, with great visual appeal, style and individuality. Hardwood parquet flooring is pleasing not just towards the eyes, but towards the touch also and that is of valuable importance for families with children who adore to play on the ground and walk barefoot. Additionally, parquet floors are hygienic and hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. A parquet floor has excellent insulating qualities helping to keep the temperature both in winter and summer.