Rustic Shutters Design Ideas for Rustic Home

July 14, 2017
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We often point out decorating so when referring to home decoration people automatically think about interior decoration. However, it‘s the exterior that neighbors and visitors see first and this is actually the first impression they get to the home owners. Today we shall show you some magnificent rustic shutters which add a flair of historical elegance towards the exterior from the house.

Choosing the kind of rustic shutters?

Shutters tend to be treated like a functional item and they are really however the visual appeal and also the decorative function they have shouldn‘t be overlooked. Rustic shutters are especially ideal for farmhouse style homes or homes in Mediterranean style. Lovered shutters are probably the most popular kinds of shutters. Their construction is fairly simple and includes a sturdy wooden frame with many smaller slats set inside the frame.

Board and batten shutters will be the typical rustic shutters. They became popular inside the 18th century. Their construction is likewise very simple – several vertical boards are held together by 2 or three shorter horizontal boards. This sort of shutters is usually seen in historic houses and maybe have a great visual appeal. Raised panel shutters are a number of board and batten shutters. They‘re made of flat panels with two or three rectangular panels carved into its surface

Rustic shutters – a project for DIY lovers

After you have made a decision to choose rustic shutters, you are able to craft them by yourself. You have to measure the windows to ensure that you are aware how high and wide your shutters will should be.

Choosing the lumber is yet another important step – you are able to choose reclaimed wood or salvaged wood with plenty of charm and character. Utilizing your measurements, cut the wood boards. Construct the shutters as per the sort and magnificence you wish. You are able to paint them in color or stain the wood for additional depth. When hanging the shutter it is going to be much helpful when you have an someone to assist. The shutters need to be perfectly leveled and lined up with the highest from the window after which you are able to secure them to be able to the exterior from the house.