Mesmerizing Modern Bathroom Colors Design Inspirations

August 25, 2017
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Some people prefer painting the walls of the bathroom rather than using tiles. The options of modern bathroom colors of is so vast, that you may have any shade most especially when we point out bathroom wall decor ideas. Whether you choose tiles in several shades or for wall paint, we‘ll show you the way colors can create a special atmosphere. Check the gallery below and choose your color as you‘ll see harmonious color combinations, contrast combinations ideas how to combine wall paint with tiles, and each bathroom includes a special charm and character.

When selecting the colour for the bathroom, you have to follow some simple rules which should ensure that the last result will meet your criteria and reflect your good taste. The colour should match (or contrast ) to the colour from the bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. You are able to enhance the colour as well as contrast with different accessories – shelves, soap dishes, towel rails, laundry baskets – however the colors should have harmony. Unusual color combinations and contrasting design from the walls tend to be more ideal for large bathrooms while pastel colors – blue, soft green, white, pale pink, beige are a far better choice for small bathrooms.

Modern bathroom colors – bathroom designs in gray and black

Despite the undeniable fact that very often black and gray are used and recommended as modern bathroom colors, they ought to be used carefully. It is advisable to select black and dark gray shades only for the accent wall, as well as combination having a bright color. Dark colors look a lot more attractive when contrast combinations with white, beige, red or neutral tones.