Inspirations of Reclaimed Wood Mantel Ideas

January 15, 2017
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A reclaimed wood mantel offers lots of benefits not just when it comes to appearance but when it comes to durability. Reclaimed wood fireplace mantels are so rich in history they become an element from the interior that adds its charismatic character to your residence. The mantel decorates the fireplace, which makes it more expressive and attractive and you should use it to display accessories or decorative items, photos, etc., which increase the individuality of the space and express your taste.

The mantel is definitely an element from the fireplace which adds towards the visual appeal from the fireplace and you may see it made of a number of materials. We shall focus your attention upon the beauty of reclaimed wood mantels, their unique look and also the coziness they bring towards the home.

Reclaimed wood mantel and blending it into interior design styles

Reclaimed wood fireplace mantels really certainly can be a beautiful and dramatic accent and also a great architectural statement. A reclaimed wood mantel Isn‘t a suitable choice for many design styles if you don‘t deliberately want to produce a dissonance and mix elements from different styles. Reclaimed wood fireplace mantels are traditional to country and rustic style, optionally beach style where wood is alright integrated into the planning concept. In contemporary or minimalist style the options of reclaimed wood mantel will contrast towards the clean lines breaking the monotony and adding texture and also the authentic weathered appearance with nail holes, knots, color contrast, bolt holes, etc.

What wood spices can be utilized for fireplace mantels? As you will know, reclaimed wood is obtained from structural timbers, floors, walls or roofs and with respect to the origin of wood there will be different species. Pine wood is a superb choice for fireplace mantels as it‘s very strong and charmingly beautiful. Cypress, poplar, Oak, Cedar – any of these amazing wood species will add lots of charm, individuality and character to your residence. Reclaimed wood works harmoniously with natural stone and that is typical for rustic fireplaces, it really works with bricks and whitewashed bricks, stucco or any other finishes and fireplace surrounds.

Reclaimed wood mantel – eco-friendly and original home decorations

Some people wonder why select a reclaimed wood mantel? On the very first place, reclaimed wood is definitely an eco-friendly material, exceptionally beautiful, the wood is of top quality and it is unique character causes it to be perfect for fireplace mantels.

Reclaimed wood will come in a number of colors, sizes, wood species, length and each the first is unique. When treated and stained, a reclaimed wood mantel is a beautiful addition to any fireplace installation. Additionally, reclaimed wood is a lot more stable as it really has been exposed to varied factors for several years. Wood includes a unique pattern and texture and conveys the beauty created by nature itself and adds the elegance and grace of natural materials towards the home.