Impressing Modern Flat Roof House Design Ideas

July 23, 2017
Architecture   42 views

In modern home design, the flat roof house design appears to be a common part of home exterior. It is characterized by its horizontal arrangement with an under layer and a top coat as part of its structure. Even so, in some cases, there is a minor incline. Appearance aside, what makes flat roof popular is also due to its ability to be a cost-effective choice, as long as it is used in appropriate setting. Commonly, house with flat roof is built in areas with warm weather the roof won’t be able to withstand snow buildup.

Well, you may be really interested with those flat roof design ideas pictures. Even so, we find it is really important for you to know the pros and cons of flat roof first. As aforementioned, this one is a more cost-effective option since the initial cost of installing one is low, unlike cost of installing a sloped roof. It is due to the absence of engineered trusses or rafters that are required in installing sloped roof thus flat one only needs fewer materials.

Apart from that, home with flat roof can enjoy more living spaces outdoors, thanks to the horizontal structure. From rooftop patio to deck—even with swimming pool—you can find many possibilities to expand your outdoor room. Flat roof is also easier to inspect since it has more stability—again and again, due to its horizontal surface—and easier to climb to. Unfortunately, flat roof needs more maintenance. Regular monitor is required since there’s no way for water to filter away naturally from it. Standing water, along with debris, will clog the drainage system. And that’s why house with flat roof is not recommended in areas with a lot of rain or snow. Despite the attractive look those modern flat roof design ideas demonstrate, remember unless you seal it properly, flat roof tends to be less durable.