Gorgeous Copper Countertops Kitchen Design

January 15, 2017
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Copper countertops look inside a brilliant way and can result in the kitchen gleaming. Copper is really a special material for kitchen countertops which not just looks nice but is extremely simple to manage. The growing popularity of copper in kitchen design is driven by characteristics from the metal and whether you finally choose it for any copper backsplash or you choose a copper sink, you should have an eye-catching element inside the interior of your respective kitchen.

When planning the planning of your respective kitchen or planning an upgrade from the existing kitchen, choosing a higher quality kitchen countertop is of valuable importance. What to select from the numerous options in the marketplace – a granite countertop, marble countertop, quartz, solid wood, stainless steel, corian, glass, granite composite – numerous choices ! Are you currently bold sufficient to select a copper countertop? Despite the undeniable fact that other materials can be more popular than copper, this can be a choice that tend to make your kitchen unique and add plenty of character towards the interior.

Copper countertops – do you know the advantages?

Copper countertops offer many advantages but until recently it was eventually not much popular in home decoration or was well forgotten. Perhaps one of the great primary attributes of copper is its versatility. It really works easily with any interior and can go perfectly having a modern type of urban apartments and also a traditional-style farmhouse interior. Copper comes in several shades – from light to dark. Lighter shades are a good choice for modern kitchen interiors as the darker copper shades will look amazingly in traditional or rustic kitchens.

Some kinds of copper have natural antimicrobial properties which makes copper countertops a very good choice for areas where food is prepared. Copper is durable, resistant to heat, and also the non-porous structure prevents bacteria growth.

The visual appeal of copper is unique. Through the years copper oxidizes and reacts to different substances that enter into contact by it. As time passes, copper countertops will gradually fade and change their color blending shades of matte red, brown and green, and that is particularly attractive and consistent with many homeowners, gives individuality and character towards the countertop.

Maintenance – Some people think the upkeep of copper countertops is laborious and hard. It‘ll come like a surprise for them that the copper countertop Isn‘t in the least difficult to stay clean. A combination of lemon juice and salt will clean it perfectly, but you should use a normal dishwashing detergent. To stay the ideal appearance from the surface you ought to treat it with oil or wax from time for them to time.

Do you know the disadvantages of copper countertops?

Like all material copper has some drawbacks and before selecting a copper countertop for the kitchen you have to know them as copper includes a relatively high price tag so you need to be 100% sure that it must be the best choice for you personally.

The discoloration of copper countertops could be just the maximum amount of a disadvantage as it‘s valued by some homeowners. People who need a shiny, smooth, perfect copper countertop surface can be disappointed and it‘s far better to consider an optional material.

Copper is really a soft material and it‘s susceptible to scratches along with other mechanical damage. Copper countertops are susceptible to denting and just in case this can be a factor that bothers you, you ought to choose a far more durable material. Additionally when in connection with other metal objects, a copper countertop could be noisy. Copper Isn‘t a cheap material so if you need to install a copper countertop, be prepared for a big cost.