Fabulous Modern Penthouse Design Inspirations

July 14, 2017
Interior Design   28 views

We‘ll show you a powerful penthouse design created by architect Olga Akulova. The penthouse is located in Kiev, the biggest city in Ukraine, inside a 30-story high building and also has an area of 150 square meter. Taking into consideration the advantages of the client – natural materials and “smart home”, the architect managed to bring benefit of natural light by installing blinds and panels controlled by Ipad. The overall impression is perfect for an easy decor, modern and really convenient with lots of storage.

Penthouse design with open plan space

The penthouse design features an open plan space which helps make the a lot of the magnificent views provided by glass walls. A crucial aspect was the automation engineering from the home that serves the owner’s convenience. Raw plastered concrete slabs and structural support columns, which run below the ceiling, exposed pipes, the visible electric lines and simple lamps give the decor an industrial flair. The mixture of gray uneven surfaces and also the warmth of natural wood is spectacular and steel and copper elements increase the industrial atmosphere. The massive glass surfaces of windows provide beautiful views from the city and also the Dnieper River.

Penthouse design – Top quality furniture and practical storage solutions

The penthouse design features a living room, located next towards the sleeping area. Extra-large glass sliding doors are used as space dividers and they could be closed or opened anytime in accordance using the need. Blackout curtains ensure a perfect darkness to rest. The bedroom and guest room are made in minimalist style yet keeping the industrial style inside the interior. A glass door separates the bathroom and supplies a view from the vertical garden inside the bathroom and that is designed with automated irrigation system. An all-natural wood bath is really a centerpiece inside the decor.