Enchanting and Classy Fainting Couch Design Ideas

August 4, 2017
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A fainting couch looks so elegant, so romantic and sophisticated and is really a complement to any room. Some people mistake it having a chaise lounge, but these are generally two different bits of furniture.

By definition, a fainting couch is really a couch raised at one end and also the name became popular inside the 19th century. These couches were made for ladies because back inside the 1800s the corset was part of women’s clothing and also a tight corset is restricting the blood flow and also the breathing. Consequently women were more likely to faint which special section of furniture appeared to ensure that women could catch their breath upon the couches.

Fainting couch vs chaise lounge – what‘s the difference

Once we mentioned a fainting couch Isn‘t a chaise lounge, neither is really a daybed, although all of them possess some resemblances. The fundamental resemblance involving the fainting couch and chaise lounge is that the more or less same base and size – a rectangular shape and also a scale a little couch. It‘s the back that distinguishes one from another. Whenever you wonder if you‘re looking with a chaise lounge or perhaps a fainting couch – look into the back. The rear from the couch is high on a single and low on another as a typical chaise lounge includes a back having a same height.

Fainting couch in modern interior designs

Nowadays, women don‘t wear corsets and positively don‘t faint easily. However, a fainting couch is really a magnificent furniture piece and it is popularity is growing steadily. There isn‘t any better place to get a rest on the Sunday afternoon, read a book or watch a movie. Modern versions of fainting couches may possess a partial raised back and additional support to the upper section of the body. The elegance of fainting couches is appealing to some people and that they prefer them to be able to more contemporary daybed and chaise lounge designs.