Elegant Bamboo Floor Decor Ideas

August 3, 2017
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The marketplace is the greatest indicator to the preferences from the clients. Lately the interest in bamboo flooring is particularly large, which suggests It‘s the most famous selection of many buyers.

The characteristics of bamboo flooring are extremely different, especially in recent years, and this sort of flooring is preferred due to its quality. Bamboo floor decor looks beautifully in a room sand has more advantages than disadvantages, which we shall try to explain bellow.

Pros of bamboo floor decor

When selecting bamboo floor decor for your residence, besides the visual aesthetics from the wood, you have to know the professionals and cons from the material. Perhaps one of the biggest primary attributes of bamboo floors is that the easy installation. As bamboo wood is taken into account to become perhaps one of the exotic species you could find pre-painted floors in the marketplace which saves a great deal of time and labour during installation. Additionally bamboo floors could be installed on the relatively rough surface while other kinds of wood flooring require preliminary preparation.

Another important advantage is that the low price. Sometimes It‘s actually much less than the prices of other exotic wood flooring like teak, rosewood, olive wood etc. The most typical kinds of bamboo flooring possess a price tag near the one among an expensive laminate. This really is one of the most crucial reasons to the growing popularity of bamboo flooring.

Bamboo floor decor – attractive appearance and beautiful aesthetics

The natural color of bamboo floor is yellowish, though there are specially treated and tinted options like brown, black, bleached, red or any other shades. Maybe you‘ve already heard for pressed or carbonized bamboo flooring? It‘s much thicker than usual, and, accordingly, its hardness is higher. These floors have a better degree of hardness than some species of oak.

Cons of bamboo floor decor

A disadvantage of bamboo floor decor is the undeniable fact that some kinds of bamboo flooring cannot be sanded which ruins its appearance using the years. As much as maintenance is bothered bamboo floors ought to be treated as other hardwood floor. You need to be careful to the humidity levels inside the room, and any small objects like stones, ought to be removed immediately as They Might scratch the surface. Look into the magnificent bamboo wall decor ideas in modern homes.