DIY Clothes Stand Ideas Inspirations

January 2, 2017
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Create accents with your interior and experiment with colors and materials. We provide 20 fresh design ideas approach restore the wardrobe inside the bedroom or playroom successfully having a self-made clothes stand.

These DIY clothes stand ideas are easy and can add accents to your residence.

DIY clothes stand – old furniture recycling

DIY clothes stands are flexible and can also be combined perfectly with modern furnishings. Recycle old furniture, pipes or shelves and turn them into practical clothes stands. Branches can turn into a rustic décor and also a real eye-catcher. Transform the old ladder into your homemade clothes rack. You only got to grind off the top with sandpaper and repaint inside a strong color – and ready. Old pipes are the ideal addition towards the interior inside the industrial look. For maximum effect, you are able to combine the clothes rack from old pipes with shoe shelves from wooden pallets. Hang tree branches inside the baby room. The planning is cute and provides the interior a cozy effect.

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DIY clothes stand – simple design ideas from simple materials

The simpler the planning, the greater – a DIY clothes stand for any bachelor apartment could be made of wire and metal pipes. Finished result is not solely modern, it‘s a nice surprise idea for any birthday or a brand new apartment. Scandinavian home furnishings will take pleasure in wooden furniture. The interior will appear open and inviting during this case, therefore the open self-made clothes stands are a very good substitute for the standard wardrobe. Small apartments or bedrooms is allowed to take pleasure in these design ideas. Experiment with colors and materials until you discover the ideal design.