Creative Wood Slab Dining Table Designs Inspirations

January 23, 2017
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Wood slab dining table designs aren‘t preserved for rustic and country style interiors. They‘re an eye catching section of furniture in contemporary styled dining rooms and also a topic of conversation like the striking beauty and naturalness of solid wood have this type of fascinating natural look and a really special charm!

It‘s impossible to imagine a cozy home without a handy dining table. It isn‘t just the place for eating and drinking but additionally a gathering place for family and friends. Whatever the dimensions of your respective kitchen or dining room is, the dining table is usually the middle of the space. Modern furniture industry offers an excellent sort of different options and which each customer can choose the foremost suitable one for himself. Dining tables made of solid wood slabs evoke a warm sense of home, of a really special coziness and in recent years, these tables reconquer the dining area.

Wood slab dining table designs – the centerpiece from the dining room interior

Wood slab dining table designs offer fascinating solutions and combinations and can also be easily and effectively combined with classic materials like leather and wood or modern furnishings and materials. Each solid wood table is unique – the slight color differences inside the grain from the wood, the patina or surface texture. The sort of wood slab dining table designs can suit every style and taste – with smooth or rough surface, painted, stained, lacquered, made of oak, teak, walnut, rosewood, reclaimed wood, light or dark, as well as other colors, with straight, carved or tapered legs. The material looks and feels natural and ensures the ideal indoor climate inside the dining room.

Wood slab dining table designs – solid wood furniture ideas

We often see fabulous wood slab dining table designs complemented by dining chairs in several styles – classic upholstered chairs, chairs with leather upholstery which are employed in modern, rustic and traditional interiors and also the dining table is really a visual accent. Modern acrylic chairs and metal chairs however work with contemporary designs having a minimalist look. The wood slabs create a really special atmosphere and reflect the personal style and taste from the homeowner.

When selecting your table made of solid wood slabs, the dimensions is among the main factors. It‘ll depend upon just how many people you want to seat in the table and also the available space, in fact. Different wood species and finishes end in several colors from the tables and you may choose darker or lighter shades. Additionally different wood species have different durability. The foremost durable and reliable hardwood species are ash, oak, pine, beech. Each kinds of them is good in its own way and also has its own advantages. For instance, oak is extremely durable while pine is softer but additionally has high wear-resistance. Ash – it’s very beautiful and noble wood, which looks luxurious in a interior. Wood slab dining tables offer soft lines, warmth of wood and also the pleasant smoothness towards the touch.