Creative Unique Sputnik Chandelier Design Inspirations

July 23, 2017
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In the planet of design there will be pieces that so ingeniously simple they become iconic and therefore are repeated again and again for many years.

One of these simple timeless designs is that the Sputnik chandelier which has turned into a symbol from the mid century modern style.

The storyline from the iconic Sputnik chandelier

The launch of Sputnik, the very first ever satellite to orbit the earth in 1957, marked the start of an entire new direction in design, referred to as “nuclear era”. The credit for the very first Sputnik chandelier is assigned to an Italian engineer – not really a designer – Gino Sarfatti. Inside the original version from the chandelier that became iconic to the style, the orb center and also the arms were made of brass. Afterward various replicas appeared and also the material range expanded including steel, glass, plastic and extra decorations were added to the planning but the initial idea remains a similar – a lot of bulbs attached with arms at different length and height.

Sputnik chandelier – a mid-century classic in modern homes

The eye catching sort of the Sputnik chandelier is among the main reasons to the wide popularity of the mid century icon in contemporary interiors. Although original brass models are rarely found, particularly with the boom of retro style and also the return of mid century interiors in modern homes, many designers offer modern versions from the chandelier. A Sputnik chandelier performs not just the function of lighting but is definitely an integral section of the interior.

The futuristic appearance from the iconic pendant could be seen in small and enormous options, with short or long arms, made of bronze, silver, stainless steel, the variations are numerous but its striking look is really a complement towards the interior of any living room, dining room or bedroom and creates a bright comfortable space.