Creative DIY Pendant light Design Ideas

January 12, 2017
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We‘ve collected some really fantastic and straightforward DIY Pendant lights ideas. You should use carious household items or recycled materials to make beautiful and original pendant lamps.

Many items will find a brand new application in your living space and produce You are feeling great. With a little bit of creativity your residence lighting will reflect your personality, your hobby or your artistic vision.

DIY Pendant lights from household items

Old household items will find an excellent application towards the fans of DIY projects. DIY Pendant lights provides you with ideas how you can add a vintage flair inside the room through the use of doilies.

Fans of ballet can craft a lovely tutu pendant lamp while home chefs could use graters, old baking forms or perhaps a colander and decorate the kitchen inside a creative way.

DIY Pendant lights from upcycled materials

Use parts of your respective old bicycle to make beautiful pendant lights. DIY Pendant lights ideas will show you creative designs with soda or beer cans.

An old basket may also be transformed into an awesome pendant lamp which should add a warm rustic touch to your residence decor.

Coffee cup and saucers transformed into your pendant chandelier will add a fairy tale ambience and you‘ll feel as if Alice in Wonderland.