Creative DIY Chandeliers Made with Wine Bottle Ideas

August 3, 2017
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Wine bottles, once emptied, are of no interest to the majority of folks and therefore are treated as trash. What you can do by having an empty bottle of wine? There are many ideas for empty wine bottles so we will show you some really creative upcycling ideas which should show you ways to make a wine bottle chandelier.

Best DIY Wine bottle chandelier

Accumulation of glass bottles may be a serious problem for environmental surroundings. Now, many bottles possess a custom shape, numerous designers and amateurs create original and interesting items from glass bottles, which add flavor towards the interior or exterior from the home. If you‘re a genuine fan of creative upcycling ideas, then you‘re will enjoy the thought of made a wine bottle chandelier and provide your residence individuality and private character. Tinted glass wine bottles surprisingly well soften the light of light bulbs. Why not apply it? What could be more original when compared to a hand made wine bottle chandelier hanging above the dining table? In fact, when dealing with glass, one ought to be careful and observe a couple of things.

Tips Wine bottle chandelier

There will be few methods to cut a glass bottle. With special or glass cutter, it goes pretty smoothly. If you‘re a crafting a wine bottle chandelier like a DIY project you need to understand that achieving a perfect straight edge cut with home tools can be quite difficult. In fact, It‘s recommended to make use of safety goggles and work with suitable gloves. When you have no special tools for glass cutting, try to obtain a clean cut employing a cord, acetone and also a lighter.

Soak the cord in acetone and wrap it more than once all around the bottle. Ignite it in and hold it horizontally over a bucket of cold water. Once the bottle begins to crack, leave the bottle inside the deep end from the bucket. It ought to divide by 50 percent, but when not, you are able to carefully remove the part that you don‘t need and grind from the sharp edges.

DIY How to Make Chandelier from Wine Bottle?