Cool Bookshelves and Book Storage Design Ideas

I‘m a BIG collector of books. Furthermore I adore to learn, but I adore the aesthetic of books on the shelf. Many people see it too disorganized looking, especially people that adore design minimalism, but personally, I believe a packed shelf filled with well-worn hardcovers and paperbacks gives a home a loved and lived-in feel. There was a period when my apartment was crammed with Ikea bookshelves, which for any college student, offer an excellent solution to storage needs of kinds.

But as my tastes matured, I found myself wanting to display my 20 many years of book collecting in a manner that fit my house perfectly, so I spent months searching online, in stores and also at estate sales to locate the ideal bookcase.

Cool Bookshelves and Book Storage Design Ideas

That search was the inspiration for that post ! I wanted to scope out a bunch of valuable book storage solutions that covered all of the bases when it comes to space, size and quantity of books.


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