Contemporary Cathedral and Vaulted Ceiling Designs Ideas

There have been moments when vaulted ceilings were used only in sacred places like cathedrals or basilicas. We‘ve gathered a collection of 65 unique cathedral ceiling and vaulted ceiling designs in living rooms worldwide and this information will offer you some answers to the fundamental questions that refer to these kinds of ceilings.

Exactly just what vaulted ceiling?

What‘s vaulted ceiling? A vaulted ceiling, by definition, is really a ceiling that has arched or curved structure with one or two sharp, sloping sides that form a peak. The sloping sides could be of equal or unequal length. The ceiling slants right all the way down to the bottom wall again giving the impression or illusion that the space is larger than It‘s really is because of the increased volume and is usually called a slanted ceiling.

What is cathedral ceiling?

A cathedral ceiling is really a ceiling which has a center point above the walls. Cathedral ceilings have equal sloping sides that meet in the center of an area and conform to the form from the roof. This enables the space to open as much as the very best possible point.

What‘s the difference between a vaulted ceiling and also a cathedral ceiling?

Many nurses confused in regards to the difference between a vaulted ceiling and also a cathedral ceiling. The easy explanation from the difference will certainly be – It‘s all inside the pitch. Cathedral ceilings have two equal, sloping sides which are parallel towards the pitch from the roof and also the two sides from the slopes meet with a ridge which runs over the length of the space. Vaulted ceilings don‘t necessarily follow the pitch from the roof. They‘re constructed inside a house to cover a particular space and trusses are designed to shape it. It may have unequal sides, sloping sides, one sloping side, or perhaps a curved sloping side.

Popular kinds of vaulted ceilings

There are a lot of kinds of vaults so we shall say a couple of words for the most famous varieties of ceiling designs. The barrel vault is the foremost traditional, popular and simple type of ceiling vaulting. It‘s semi-circular arches and that they may follow one another.

The groin vault is constructed from the intersecting two barrel vaults at 90 degree right angles. The intersection creates ribs that particularly attractive.

The cloister vault includes a dome shape and it is base that may be square or polygonal. The rib vault features a classic shape from the vaults. It strongly resembles the groin vault. Vaulted designs also feature diamond vaults, that the foremost ornate ones, shell vault, Catalan vault and that is typical and recognizable using the low arch.

Lighting ideas for vaulted ceilings

One of the most crucial questions when We‘ve a vaulted ceiling is that the lighting. Proper lighting emphasizes a vaulted ceiling. The choices for suitable lighting fixtures are numerous. Starting with skylights, spectacular chandeliers or modern recessed lighting – each option gives the chance to produce a dramatic and impressive view. Skylights will allow natural light to penetrate into the space, and can brighten the upper section of the ceiling. Hanging lights, for example chandeliers, will add elegance and magnificence. It‘s recommended which you choose chandeliers which throw light upward and out and avoid hanging light fixtures with direct downward light flow. Recessed lights are suitable and convenient in case you wished to labor or read inside the room. This sort of lighting together with direct spotlighting, is recommended for modern interiors. Begin to see the gallery below and relish!

Vaulted ceiling design ideas

There isn‘t any doubt that vaulted ceilings add space to any room and produce a sense of openness as well as hugeness. Such ceilings supply the chance to install bigger windows which suggests lots of natural light and also a bright atmosphere. Last although not least – a vaulted ceiling is really a cost-effective way to create a room beautiful with very little efforts. Amongst the most famous materials to the construction of vaulted ceilings are stone, reinforced concrete, brick or wood. It‘s common with homeowners to paint the ceilings in white or another light color shade. Besides the aesthetic point of view, this really is a different way to create an optical illusion for any huge space. If have the ear of a really tall ceiling, you might want to choose a darker color so you don‘t feel as if inside a cathedral, but lower the ceiling height visually for any cozier atmosphere. Many homeowners would rather leave the ceiling beams exposed because adds a rustic flair towards the interior and also the space has slightly of unique character.


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