Clumping bamboo landscape ideas for your garden

August 1, 2017
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Clumping bamboo is among the most preferred bamboo species for landscaping. There are various species of bamboo and every one has its own beauty.

Bamboo is among the fastest growing plants and homeowners that are environmentally conscious like the bamboo landscaping because it looks beautiful, it is among the best plants for screening helping preserving natural resources. Additionally, the benefit of clumping bamboo is the undeniable fact that it doesn‘t grow outwards like running bamboos and homeowners could be calm the bamboo won‘t conquer the garden.

Clumping bamboo landscape ideas – why choose clumpers?

There are a lot of clumping bamboo landscape ideas and this type of bamboo plant has supporters and in fact, those who are not particularly drawn to the thought of using it with their garden. The most argument against this type bamboo is the undeniable fact that when used like a privacy screen, the bamboo leaves gaps in between each planting. However, clumping bamboo is non-evasive and lots of people find this as a benefit.

Clumping bamboo, unlike running bamboo, grows in clusters and doesn t spread uncontrollably and is that the perfect choice for small urban gardens as it‘s a beautiful accent and sometimes – a privacy screen and that is of importance, especially in urban areas. Bamboo landscape is extremely appreciated to the relatively small maintenance also. Clumping bamboo could be grown in plant containers, which causes it to be a very good choice for balconies and rooftop gardens not just like a plant but like a screening fence.

How to grow clumping bamboo?

The different bamboo species have different requirements for temperature, watering and sun light. Some species don‘t tolerate drought, others don‘t tolerate an excessive amount water. Clumping bamboo has many varieties, but the majority of them will thrive in partial shade. Direct exposure to severe sunlight will damage the bamboo but you shouldn‘t forget that, like all plant, the plants need sunlight so that they‘ll grow healthy and develop on their full height.

Space is yet another factor you‘ll want to consider when you would like to grow bamboo for landscaping. Although this type of bamboo plant doesn‘t spread widely, it will demand a square meter of garden space.

Water requirements of clumping bamboo are much like the requirements of the well kept lawn. It is necessary to not over water the plants as they don‘t like being soggy.

Clumping bamboo landscape ideas for the garden

Clumping bamboo is usually preferred for landscaping because it can reach a height of three to six meters within four many is an effective option for privacy screens and hedges. Like a decorative plant it can be utilized like a focal point or to cover a garden wall. Although clamping bamboo has a variety of species, there will be two main groups – one is that the upright version, and also the other one includes species with arching stems. With respect to the personal taste, the available garden space and also the planned function, you are able to choose the sort that could fit your need best.