Charming Flower Cart Ideas for Beautify Your Garden Decoration

January 8, 2017
Exterior Design   33 views

Flower cart ideas or using carts, wheelbarrows and trolleys being an element from the garden design adds lots of charm and makes such compositions a unique feature with your exterior.

Once we point out garden design, decoration and landscaping, most frequently people think about major structural projects like pergolas, gazebos or water features. However, experienced designers will tell you just how the key of the successful interior or exterior design is usually inside the details that give the initial character from the place. A DIY flower cart project could be just that accent which should reveal your individuality, personality and originality with a couple of hours of painting and planting, you should have a unique planter and the foremost original feature inside the garden.

Usually flower cart ideas feature a garden decoration element as an original flower container and sometimes we view wheelbarrows used as storage for firewood. Flower carts are typically made of wood and garden decoration with natural materials is a thing that could always look appropriate in a garden. Carts possess a special charm from the times gone by, a rustic character which they increase the exterior. You could find carts made of solid unpainted wood in specialized shops, flea markets or lying forgotten inside a village barn.

Provide them with a brand new coat of paint and they‘ll serve you for several years. You could find new carts and artificially age them to obtain the shabby look of the vintage cart and transform them into beautiful raised flower beds by filling all of them with soil and planting colorful flowers or arrange pots of different sizes inside the cart and utilize it like a flower stand.

Wooden flower carts could be an unusual solution for garden decoration in rustic, country, vintage or Shabby Chic style. Along with their decorative effect, a flower cart on wheels could be moved anywhere anytime in case you decided to alter the garden decor. When you would like to produce a beautiful flower cart or use an old wheelbarrow look into the condition from the cart first. Old carts might need a wheel repair or some additional support which should provide a very good stability. Ensure that you secure any loose boards from the cart with nails, screws or metal brackets so the cart withstands the load from the soil. Add drainage holes as they‘re going to ensure water won‘t be trapped inside the bottom from the cart and cause the roots of your respective plants rot.

Suppose the best location inside the garden to display your flower cart and roll it into its place before filling it with soil. Choose the plants you would like to grow – it is a great idea to plant flowering species like petunias down the border from the cart as they simply look strikingly beautiful and create an illusion of spilling from the cart. Choosing species which have different height and colors will add dynamics, texture and color contrast within your flower cart. Benefit from the gallery below and obtain inspired from the magnificent flower cart ideas.