January 22, 2017 Architecture   35 views
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This beautiful rustic Italian villa, is that the perfect spot to book a stay with a holiday cottage in Italy. Located upon the private regions of Castello di Reschio, run..

January 22, 2017 Architecture   34 views
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There will be numerous ways of getting your residence appear beautiful and stunning ; part of them is as simple as decorating the windows in your house with window shutters...

January 22, 2017 Architecture Exterior Design   32 views
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Exterior porch columns are an essential section of your porch and house. Porch columns could be easily seen outside and it also can improve the design of your home if..

January 22, 2017 Architecture   33 views
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Roof tile manufacturers are providing customers with the very best services possible. However, there will be distinctive characteristic of each and every manufacturer that gives each part of them differences...

January 21, 2017 Architecture   47 views
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Steel frame homes have been shown as being most economical structures. Contemporary home architecture and construction offer many options – timber frames, concrete structures and despite that steel framing is..

Breathtaking The Eco Friendly Building Material of Greendiary with Bamboo as a Material of Main Outdoor Wall and Wood as Fence
January 20, 2017 Architecture   30 views
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Employing bamboo as materials could be the example of how organics materials may also be very helpful for making a construction, especially a house. The building materials today are dominated..

Astonishing Bali Architecture Applied in Outyard with Wide Swimming Pool and Cozy Patio Completed with White Curtains
January 20, 2017 Architecture   42 views
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Bali is beautiful place in the planet that popularly known with Bali architecture. Like many Asian country, the characteristic of Bali home architecture is traditional, ethnical, and tiny bit natural...

January 19, 2017 Architecture Interior Design   37 views
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You are able to have a green and energy-saving house with converting the interior bright and modern house with open-plan spaces to let lots of sunlight to reach pervasive into..

Wondrous Interior Arabic House Design with Brown Large Carpet and a Seating Area in the Middle of the Room with Rounded Table and Brown Sofa Set Next to Wide Curtain
January 19, 2017 Architecture   30 views
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You‘ll be surprised to discover some Arabic house design ideas below. You‘ll begin to see the gorgeous and luxurious Arabian style at some blockbuster movies. Now, why don’t you apply..

January 17, 2017 Architecture   63 views
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Cordwood house is really a special house and cordwood construction is really a bit different form the typical house construction. We shall possess a detailed look into the primary attributes..