August 26, 2017 Architecture   33 views
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Blending and combining modern and classic touches are challenging, but smart work of blending and combining will result amazing modern classic house design. The combination is not solely to the..

August 24, 2017 Architecture   147 views
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Tiny house construction is really a growing trend and there are a lot of people that embrace the thought of living without the restrictions of mortgages and financial obligations. Tiny..

Best Creative Bottles Walls Stairs Wall
August 21, 2017 Architecture   41 views
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Have a wall of bottles Bottle is really a container for storing water and beverages. But inside the hands of creative people and maybe have a spirit of high art,..

Best Modern Sloping Roof House Home Design Inspirations 12
August 17, 2017 Architecture   137 views
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Unlike its flat roof counterpart, the sloping roof design is mostly related to traditional home design—or a minimum of, the less modern one. Even so, it doesn‘t mean modern home..

August 16, 2017 Architecture   59 views
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The creative proposal from Dutch architects MVRDV would also have a swimming pool suspended in the fork of the Y, not recommended for those with a fear of heights. Dotted..

Best Amazing Tree House Designs Inspirations 8
August 16, 2017 Architecture   60 views
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Great photos are coming, for people who miss nature. I share along with you the amazing tree house designs during this photo gallery. These tree houses are actually beautiful. I’m..

August 7, 2017 Architecture   40 views
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The brick home interior is an effective choice for gaining the vintage nuance on your residence. It‘s traditional accent using the soft color saturation, which should bring the harmony in..

August 5, 2017 Architecture   38 views
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Here is an effective inspiration in regards to the brick modern house using its nice design. The contemporary architecture nowadays is about throwing back the old-fashioned design for this era...

Exotic Tropical Roof Design 7
August 2, 2017 Architecture   57 views
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Indulge your eyes using the charm of those tropical roof design ideas. Oh, you don‘t even need to force you to ultimately bring the beauty to your residence design if..

Best Modern Pool on the Roof Design Inspirations 15
August 1, 2017 Architecture Swimming Pool   181 views
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In case you build your residence with flat roof, these pool upon the roof ideas definitely are what you need to see! Well, checking horizontal surface, flat roof will provide..