Best Wonderful Bali Architecture Design Inspirations

January 20, 2017
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Bali is beautiful place in the planet that popularly known with Bali architecture. Like many Asian country, the characteristic of Bali home architecture is traditional, ethnical, and tiny bit natural. The Balinese society is those who are still growing old tradition, like peace with nature. You could find some evidences inside the Bali house. They‘re going to never left the role of nature of the Balinese house. It appear to appear in several Balinese houses filled with wooden furniture.

Maybe we will claim that almost all Bali architecture design is using the majority of wood and particularly carved wood. Balinese people have high taste of art. They‘ve also big talent in art. From inside to outside the Balinese house, you‘ll see some artistic object, for example painting, wooden sculpture and stone sculpture. It is certainly because the Balinese people adore art greatly so that they insert some artworks with their house.

When you have already known in regards to the characteristic of Balinese house design, it‘s also wise to understand how the architecture made. It could be checked from outside and within the house. Started from outdoor, you‘ll see large of backyard and front yard that filled with plantation. Usually, they‘re going to use large green lawn and likewise lush vegetation surrounding their home. It is sufficient to make fresh atmosphere under hot Celsius characteristic of tropical country. They‘re going to use garden and pool to merge with nature.

The surface characteristic of Balinese house is clearly seen to shake hand with nature. Now, it’s time to understand the characteristic of interior design. They‘re going to use much of wooden materials like the main of the house. Usually, it could be clearly seen by some pillars stand within the house and likewise beams used in the ceiling clearly represent the culture of Balinese. Addititionally there is modern Bali architecture design, but isn’t popular yet.