Best Unique Floor Decor Ideas for Wooden Flooring

February 8, 2017
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Many nurses in doubt once they choose the very best floor for their home. The ground is really a section of the interior and that is of valuable significance as it could be easily became a focal point.

We‘ll show you unique floor decor ideas which may be a DIY project. Painted wooden floors possess the double benefit of stunning visual appeal combined with warmth and comfort.

Unique floor decor ideas – a fast makeover from the interior

Can you think that painted floors are old fashioned? Absolutely not! Take a look at these unique floor decor ideas and you‘ll realize how diverse your flooring could be – you‘ll have a painted floor inside a modern interior, inside a shabby chic styled decor as well as a standard comfortable and welcoming home design.

Given by a purely practical point of view a layer of paint protects the wood surface from moisture and damages from tree pests. Wood is environmentally friendly and you should use it in each and every room from the house. However, painting the ground is that the quickest makeover in a room and when you‘re tired coming from the current color of your respective flooring, you are able to change it inside a make a difference of hours.

Unique floor decor ideas – how to paint a wooden floor?

Many of the unique floor decor ideas inside the gallery here are achieved with stencils. You can purchase stencils from craft stores or you can craft them by yourself. Any painting of wooden floor includes several stages : preparation from the surface includes cleaning and drying. Just in case the floor has traces of previous painting those are removed having a spatula. The ground is primed and coated with varnish. Clean the ground with soap and water and allow it to dry completely before applying the coat of paint. Utilize the paint based on the instructions and observe temperature and humidity conditions inside the room.