Best Unique Antler chandeliers Design Inspirations

July 20, 2017
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Are you currently attempting to find ideas how you can add a very spectacular highlight in your residence decor? How about an antler chandelier? These aren‘t a standard trophy for hunting enthusiasts. Antler chandelier designs are most commonly seen in homes when owners want to produce a theme area and maybe have a stunning focal point.

Deer antler chandelier for lovers of original design and residential accessories

Deer antler chandeliers happen to be seen in various interior styles – from traditional rustic country house, to modern style. Antler chandeliers possess a warm, rustic charm and also the size and shape of the planning depends upon the age from the deer, elk or any other species. Real antlers are limited in quantity as deer shed their antlers once a year. Modern deer antler chandeliers aren‘t necessarily made of true animals’ antlers – faux antler chandeliers made of metal and plastic in several colors are very trendy.

Antler chandeliers possess a unique character and beauty

The natural color and shape in our real shed antler chandeliers turn each chandelier into your work of art. Even faux antler chandeliers possess a rustic yet sophisticated look. It’s a perfect look out for family gathering spaces, entry halls or dining rooms as well as bedrooms. When selecting an antler chandelier you have to carefully consider the dimensions of the space after which discover a chandelier that will fit best and never seem like a huge pile of antlers hanging from the ceiling. There‘s something you need for sure – an antler chandelier, genuine or faux, is definitely an immediate eye catcher in a room.