Best Rustic Mantelpiece Ideas Inspirations

July 22, 2017
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Sometimes something simple can add character, warmth and individuality to the space. Selecting a mantelpiece could seem a simple task but the correct one will make all of the difference. We‘ll show you some beautiful rustic mantelpiece ideas which gracefully decorate fireplaces and therefore are the ideal addition towards the decor from the home.

Rustic mantelpiece ideas – warmth, beauty and style

The rustic mantelpiece ideas inside the gallery below demonstrate the beauty of natural materials like stone and wood that the typical materials to the rustic style. Mantels happen to be employed for centuries and the initial function ended up being to catch the smoke coming from the burning fire. As time passes, a decorative function is added towards the practical one and mantelpieces became increasingly more elaborate.

Today, the decorative function often prevails during the practical one and lots of homeowners eliminate the opportunity to feature a unique feature on their homes, express their personality and taste through the use of mantelpieces from natural materials. A rustic mantelpiece, crafted from solid wood has an immense visual appeal and warmth as a stone mantelpiece gives weight to an easy fireplace and immediately becomes a focal point.

Rustic mantelpiece ideas – a special decoration to the fireplace

There are a lot of rustic mantelpiece ideas which feature solid wood. Undoubtedly, a beautiful rustic wood fireplace mantel shelf is a thing that adds character within your room. Whether custom made or otherwise, the choices for the planning and materials are different and you may choose the wood species as per your taste. Salvaged wood, reclaimed wood, mahogany, oak – these possess a special charm and appeal. Cedar and pine wood will also be a very good choice as they‘re very durable and having a tight grain. Fir, spruce or perhaps an antique barn beam in addition have a special appearance and is a wonderful and unique accent in the house interior.