Best Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture Design Ideas

January 23, 2017
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Reclaimed barn wood furniture looks strikingly original. It‘s this special character, individuality and charm which are impossible to imitate and therefore are instantly recognizable.

Artistic and practical, sometimes having a fashionable design and sometimes with a really classic look, reclaimed barn wood furniture pieces have one common characteristic – they‘re all made of old wood which might have gone to waste. Why reclaimed barn wood is so popular? What is that this special charm it exudes and transforms the interiors? Warmth, history, enigmatic appearance – these will be the characteristic features of reclaimed barn wood.

Reclaimed barn wood furniture – eco friendly ideas for the home

Reclaimed barn wood furniture offers numerous benefits to people that cherish environment preservation and prefer furniture made of natural materials. Reclaimed wood floors are a very good example how to make use of old wood. People that like unique, functional furniture made of sustainable and eco friendly materials – reclaimed barn wood furniture is that the strategy to use. Some people ask the question : why use reclaimed barn wood when you‘ll be able to use new wood? There Isn‘t one answer for this question because there are many reasons why salvaged wood is preferable to freshly cut wood. We shall offer you many of the reasons and can show you beautiful furniture pieces made of reclaimed barn wood.

Using reclaimed barn wood offers a significant benefit like the wood has aged beautifully using the years, and is much more durable and stronger than new, freshly cut and fewer mature wood. It‘s sourced from barns and never harvested from forests which is a superb contribution to Nature preservation. Reclaimed barn wood is exposed to varied weather conditions and thus you receive a strong, durable wood that‘s less susceptible to split or warp.

Reclaimed barn wood furniture – historic charm and durability

Another benefit of reclaimed barn wood furniture is each piece is absolutely unique and having a special character. For instance, some species of wood that aren‘t being used as lumber but could be found as reclaimed wood and you‘ll see various grain patterns, knots, nail holes, scratches, discoloration and uneven edges which make this wood really unique. Just attempt to imagine how the history of wood is transferred within your dining table or console table.

Reclaimed barn wood furniture is basically stronger and much more durable than artificially aged wood or chemically treated wood. With barn wood furniture you have a statement as you aren‘t buying mass produced furniture. Usually reclaimed wood furniture is handcrafted, each peace is unique and almost impossible to repeat. Reclaimed barn wood furniture includes a special texture which reflects the many years of history and such pieces will surely be an accent in each and every interior. Whether you finally choose a dining table, a coffee table, credenza or perhaps a chest of drawers, you‘ll take pleasure in the fascinating appeal of reclaimed barn wood. Rustic and country interiors will be the natural styles for the bits of furniture but like a focal point and also a striking accent inside the interior they can be utilized in modern designs.