Best Plywood Flooring Ideas Inspirations

Plywood flooring ideas could be really stylish despite that so many have doubts in regards to the quality of material. We‘ll show you a choice of contemporary homes with beautiful plywood floors and can look into the pros and cons of plywood panels.

Plywood is definitely an engineered wood product manufactured by pressing and binding sheets of wood veneer into your solid piece. Whenever you imagine a beautiful, fashionable, but most especially affordable flooring, plywood is an effective option because it features a lot to provide.

Plywood flooring ideas – pros and cons of plywood floors

Perhaps one of the major primary attributes of plywood floors is that the affordable cost. Whenever you look out for cheap flooring options, plywood is definitely an excellent choice and can also be purchased for any fraction of the price of solid wood. Because of the approach to manufacturing, plywood is extremely sturdy and durable, as several layers are pressed and bound together. Plywood flooring is less susceptible to water damage than MDF, for instance, and can not soak and swell like other floor types. When it comes to appearance, plywood flooring could be stained, sanded and painted which provides many opportunities for beautiful floor designs. It‘s recommended the flooring is sanded and finished most especially when you finally choose the natural look of plywood.

Plywood sheets, whether pine, birch, maple or oak work perfectly with rustic, urban or industrial interiors as they simply provide a fascinating rough look. Plywood floors are a very good DIY project like the installation is relatively easy. You are able to install the sheets or have then cut into planks, but in either case, plywood holds screws very tightly like the grains of each and every layer are oriented inside a different direction and also the screws have something to carry onto. Plywood is available in a number of thicknesses and grades. Lower plywood grades are ideal for sub flooring while high grade plywood offer smoother surface, consistent wood grain and a smaller amount knot holes or imperfections so you‘ll definitely find the ideal plywood flooring for your residence.

Plywood flooring ideas – do you know the disadvantages of plywood

Despite that plywood flooring ideas offer good appearance and durability there are a few drawbacks that you have to know. Higher grade plywood could be more costly than MDF, most especially when manufactured from expensive wood types. Plywood flooring splinters upon the edges when cut which may be challenging for DIY projects. Which means that acquiring a smooth edge is much more difficult which may boost the here we are at floor installation.

One major con of plywood is that almost all sheets contain urea-formaldehyde along with other VOCs which can release gases in your residence. You need to look out for formaldehyde free plywood, so be sure to check that whenever buying. Regardless of the attractive appearance, plywood cannot supply the aesthetic appeal of solid wood floors. The reputation from being a cheap product pushes customers away and could possibly be a significant drawback when you would like to sell your property. It‘s our belief, though, that whenever plywood is designed correctly it doesn‘t look cheap but could offer quite a very good appearance.