Best of Wood Screen Doors Design Ideas

January 13, 2017
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Wood screen doors are the simplest way to keep bugs out, let breeze in and add a charming feature within your front or back porch.

Such doors create an excellent first impression, increase the curb appeal, and add beauty towards the exterior of your home. Additionally, a wooden screen door adds value within your property and shows an focus on detail.

In warm summer days people adore to benefit from the fresh air, keep their doors and windows open as often as you can and lots of of you‘ll recall the wooden screen door at their parent’s or grandparent’s home and also the sound from the slamming door. If you would like in order to enjoy these summer pleasures and delights – the scent from the blooming flowers, the freshness from the breeze, the sounds of crickets inside the evening, it‘s time to think about a wooden screen door which should cause it to be possible.

Wood screen doors – benefit from the beautiful weather inside and outside

Wood screen doors allow homeowners to enjoy fresh air within the house without being bothered by bugs, mosquitoes or any other intruders that could ruin the pleasure of open windows and doors. Screen doors cover the exterior door and typically are constructed having a frame and mesh that blocks flying insects, leaves or any other airborne debris from stepping into the house. Nowadays the marketplace offers a number of options – aluminum screen doors that very durable and practically maintenance free, vinyl screen doors that versatile – but classic wood screen doors remain a lovely addition to any home or porch. Wood screen doors are durable, beautiful and are available almost any style – from Victorian to rustic, vintage, farmhouse, modern, etc.


DIY project fans can purchase a wood screen door kit which matches the architectural style and also the overall exterior design from the home and assemble the screen door on their own. Many companies offer screen door kits which and you may also possess a custom made design and that is suitable not just to the type of your residence except for the precise measurements of your respective door opening.

Wood screen doors – a wonderful way to add more beauty towards the front porch

Wood screen doors offer functionality, durability, and beauty. They‘re practical and whether you choose a custom made screen door, a screen door kit or perhaps a DIY option, this‘ll depend entirely on you, your personal taste and preferences along with your financial budget. Wood screen doors could be hinged or sliding and there will be models ideal for French doors also. When selecting your wooden screen door, ensure that It‘s made of top quality material, It‘s the ideal height and width, check the opening – left-hand or right-hand opening.

Remember that wood expands and contracts and moisture makes wood doors susceptible to warping as time passes. You are able to stain or paint the wood frame inside a color that works using the exterior color palette and enhance the appearance of your respective porch.