Best of Burl Wood Furniture Design Ideas

January 11, 2017
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Burl wood furniture looks incredibly impressive and includes a remarkable appearance. The initial grain pattern from the wood is that the main feature of burl wood and this sort of wood is extremely valued by furniture designers and craftsmen.

What‘s burl wood? What can cause wood to burl? What wood species are available burl varieties? We shall offer you answers to these questions and show you some magnificent furniture pieces which showcase the elegance of solid wood furniture.

Burl wood furniture design ideas – What‘s burl wood?

Solid wood furniture pieces are extremely popular with rustic interiors but like a spectacular accent in modern interiors. Burl wood furniture is that the perfect choice when you would like to add visual interest within your decor like the furniture pieces are extremely charming and instantly turn into a conversational topic. Burl wood is defined as tree during which the grain has grown inside a deformed manner.

Some people think that burls are found only in the stump from the tree, but they could be found throughout the entire tree as well as inside the branches from the tree. A burl is really a rounded outgrowth upon the trunk as well as branches which is stuffed with knots, usually from dormant buds. A burl can often be underground also.

What can cause the wood to burl? Burls can appear due to many reasons and factors – an injury, virus, fungus, some type of stress, insect infestation, mold growth or another unknown reason. Burls, even when underground, are covered by bark and may possibly appear in groups which are connected with roots. Despite the undeniable fact that a tree which has developed burls usually the tree remains quite healthy and can also continue living normally.

Which wood species have burls? Not many wood species develop burls. Typically burl wood is found on Black Oak, Maple, Redwood, Chestnut tree (Buckeye ), Walnut, Ironwood, Hawaiian Koa. Some wood species tend to become more susceptible to attacks and develop burl wood while certain types tend to be more resistant and rare which makes them especially valuable.

Burl wood furniture design ideas – warmth and beauty to fit your home

Burl wood furniture designs showcase the intriguing pattern of burl wood in a number of furniture pieces – dining tables, coffee tables, headboards, chairs and sometimes burl wood can be utilized like a kitchen countertop. The initial beauty and grain pattern of burl wood are desired by furniture makers and artists for the initial ring pattern and maybe you see beautiful inlays in a number of furniture pieces or burl wood veneer. The burl wood pattern is revealed following the burl is cut open.

Wood artists claim that burl wood is much more difficult to labor with because of the irregular pattern and also the knots and spots inside the wood which the wood is harder to chop, chisel and saw. The majority of burl wood furniture pieces are handmade and reveal the remarkable, unusual and intriguing wood grain. Look into the amazing burl wood furniture designs inside the gallery below and revel in !