Best Ocean Themed Bathtubs Design by Bagno Sasso

January 2, 2017
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Sometimes we want something greater than we usually have. The most objective of It‘s to provide our mind something refreshing. Bagno Sasso AG, a Swiss enterprise headquartered in Landquart has something which will really improve our bathing experience. It‘s the collection of the bathtub with ocean chosen like the main theme. The products listed inside the collection are including Shell, Sailor, Circle, Wave and Wing, during which each the strategies boasts ocean inspired design that‘s very pleasing inside the eyes. Bring part of them to your residence only results in an upgrade within your contemporary style home.

Talking about design, for all those individuals that have been longing for something which will really fit towards the modern bathroom design, the Ocean Wing and Ocean Wave could come out to become perfect options within your bathroom design. Based on the designer, Manuel Dreesmann, both the Ocean Wing and Ocean Wave could fit perfectly towards the contemporary bath lounge.

The organic also dramatic forms generated derive from the most structure of both bathtubs that‘s made from Corian. As to the Ocean Wing, there are two materials combined to make the merchandise. They‘re including the wood for any natural element at the surface and warm also hygienic Corian inside the inside. The harmonious contrast generated coming from the usage from the selected materials, together with the form, becomes the fundamental elements in order to make this beautiful bathtub.

modern-bathroom-with-contemporary-ocean-themed-wave-bathtubs-bagno-sasso modern-bathroom-design-by-bagno-sasso-with-ocean-themed-wooden-bathub elegant-wooden-ocean-themed-circle-bathtub-by-bagno-sasso

If you had been interested about the thought enjoy bathing time more, the Ocean Wave seems as being perfect choice for you personally. The planning and generous size offered because of it just creates a excellent impression that will invite and produce the users get inside of them and spend more amount of in time there enjoying a far better connection with bathing time.

Making perhaps one of the Bagno Sasso AG’s bathtubs as being focal point and the middle attraction in our modern style bathroom could easily become a perfect decision in order to make. The form, along with the design of these bathtubs, provides an upgrade to our bathing experience. So, are you currently excited in bringing among those to your residence?