Best Neutral Colors Design for Contemporary Apartment Ideas

The usage of limited space is really a challenge that a lot of urban dwellers meet on a everyday basis. We‘ll show you a fantastic contemporary apartment design in neutral colors and open space plan which takes advantage of each inch of space in many creative way.

Designer Martha Gord arranged the interior to ensure that a modern family includes a comfortable living and also the areas possess a distinct functionality.

Open space plan inside a contemporary apartment design

Open space is that the key element in contemporary apartment design and modern interiors. It enables a smooth transition in one room to a different which is among the main reasons for the good popularity of open space plan. Designer Martha Gord divided the space into three functional areas : kitchen, dining room and living room that separated visually but keeping the functionality of each and every area and supplying the occupants the chance to communicate. The planning elements unite the open space and provide it a private character. An L-shaped sofa can easily accommodate three or four people and also a carpet by having an interesting swirling pattern adds towards the comfort helping to define the living room area. A partition wall made of wood slats separates the kitchen area coming from the living room area but doesn‘t block light and air flow.

Contemporary apartment design in neutral colors

A main feature inside the contemporary apartment design is the usage of neutral colors. The open space is united from the wood flooring which creates a peaceful atmosphere and also the sofa and dining furniture are used as color accents. The fundamental colors are used altogether rooms – contrasting black and white and many shades of beige. The relatively small master bedroom is extremely comfortable, decorated in deep purple, gray, and white paired with natural wood. The small kids’ bedroom is likewise divided into different functional areas with lots of storage space. The colors are neutral again and also the furniture is carefully chosen to supply comfortable sleeping and studying space.


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