Best Neolith Kitchen Countertop Materials

January 20, 2017
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Neolith countertop is definitely an amazing countertop with striking appearance and sleek modern look. What‘s Neolith? How is Neolith made?

Do you know the pros and cons of Neolith countertops? Why select a Neolith countertop for the kitchen? There are a lot of questions that should be answered so we shall provide you with a review upon the properties, advantages and disadvantages of Neolith and that is described by experts like a revolutionary material.

Nowadays, the ideas of updating the home with modern materials is extremely appealing to people. It‘s true that modern generations have developed a taste in decorating and also a curiosity about new, trendy and innovative materials. Unlike the generation in our mothers and fathers who bought a house and lived with a similar furniture for 40-50 years, today We‘ve the opportunity to discover the advantages of latest materials, to follow the newest design trends and revel in the rewards of different innovations.

The kitchen has always been the guts of any home and also the open plan concept to the living space from the house enhances the significance of the kitchen like a gathering space for relations, friends and neighbors. Whether you plan an entire kitchen renovation or an update of a couple elements, you have to choose the very best options that match your lifestyle, taste, individual preferences and budget. Homeowners can choose given by a plethora of options including marble, granite, quartz, concrete, butcher block, laminate, tile, soapstone, stainless steel, paper composite, recycled glass, solid wood, copper, etc. We shall focus your attention on Neolith countertops and the advantages when compared with most typical alternatives.

Neolith countertop – contemporary kitchen countertop designs

How is Neolith made? To start with, Neolith is really a product of “TheSize Surfaces” – a young Spanish company founded in 2009 who introduced and launched the Neolith brand in 2010. Neolith is made of 100% raw materials found in glass, porcelain, and quartz, that‘s brought directly coming from the quarry towards the manufacturing facility in Spain and processed under extremely high heat and pressure to produce a nearly indestructible material. The production process includes pressing and subsequent sintering at temperatures above 1200 degrees Celsius, and Neolith is likewise mentioned as Ultra Compact Surface from the name from the technology which is designed to its production.

Neolith is definitely an excellent choice for kitchen countertops because it offers unique properties and characteristics – hardness, strength and potential to deal with biological, chemical and temperature changes, etc. When it comes to appearance, the smooth surface and modern look are an excellent option for modern, contemporary and minimalist interiors. The colour options provide many design opportunities and you‘ll see amazing kitchen designs inside the gallery below and different Neolith countertop ideas.

Why select a Neolith countertop – advantages and benefits

Neolith countertop ideas quickly became extremely popular and Neolith is among the leaders in sales worldwide to the beautiful appearance and lots of advantages. The exclusive designs of Neolith Iron collection provide a refined copper, steel and iron shades as the Avorio collection create a way of comfort and peace and Textile and Fusion collection will satisfy the aesthetic tastes of any buyer. There are a lot of good top why you should select a Neolith countertop so we shall look into the main primary attributes of the material.

Perhaps one of the biggest primary attributes of Neolith countertops is that the potential to deal with high temperatures – Neolithic doesn‘t burn in connection with fire and doesn t emit smoke or toxic substances at high temperatures.

Potential to deal with thermal shock – Along with the potential to deal with high temperatures, Neolithic has a coffee coefficient of expansion and Isn‘t afraid of sudden alterations in temperature. You you are able to safely put any hot pans – directly coming from the stove. Neolith is resistant to ice and freezing and Isn‘t damaged by low temperatures.

Neolith countertops are resistant to UV rays and don‘t fade and lose their color as time passes when exposed to sun light. Additionally Neolith slabs are resistant to scratching and abrasion because of the hardness from the surface. Because of the high density, Neolithic has almost zero water and liquid absorption level. Furthermore, Neolith is resistant to high pressure and weight loads. Neolith countertops are resistant to don because of the special manufacturing technology. Neolith slabs are extremely dense and non-porous.

Hygienic and antibacterial – Neolithic includes natural materials, it doesn‘t emit any harmful substances and it is completely ideal for connection with food and preparing food. Its dense structure eliminates the penetration of bacteria.

Environmentally friendly – Neolith meets all European environmental safety standards. This product is designed and manufactured in accordance with the standards of sustainability and resolve for environmental protection. Neolith is resin-free, composed of natural materials, it doesn‘t emit any harmful substances straight into the environment and it is fully recyclable. 52% of any Neolith board is made up of recycled raw materials.

Upkeep of Neolith countertops – useful tips

Neolith countertops are low-maintenance, don‘t need any special care and therefore are super easy to stay clean. A daily cleaning only includes washing having a damp cloth or dilute household detergent, for example dishwashing liquid, which is sufficient to restore the surface to its original look. Stains like lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, wine or coffee are easily removed. Just be sure you wipe the spills immediately. Avoid products containing hydrofluoric acid and it is derivatives. Perhaps the only real consideration you have to bear in mind if you get a Neolith countertop usually is to avoid using ceramic knives. Ceramic knives may scratch Neolith’s surface in each and every finish.

We hope that you will find the answer towards the question why select a Neolith countertop. It‘s the perfect choice for those who want to get a countertop made in an innovative material that doesn‘t have competition on durability or resistance against mechanical damage. Neolith countertops offer the very best heat resistance, almost zero water absorption, highest hygienic levels, environmental friendliness, etc.