Best Modern White Shaker Cabinets Design Ideas

January 21, 2017
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White shaker cabinets are among the most famous cabinet styles in kitchen design and in kitchen renovations. Because of the classic, stylish and simple look, they‘re extremely versatile and can be utilized for traditional or contemporary kitchen designs.

Kitchen cabinets could be the most important expense in kitchen remodeling or the most important investment in new kitchens. Choosing the ideal cabinets for the dream kitchen is important as you will need to look into them for a long time and cabinets are the foremost visible element, playing a prominent role in kitchen interiors.

White shaker cabinets – a symbiosis of simplicity and elegance

White shaker cabinets are becoming so popular and trendy nowadays to the clean lines and unpretentious appearance. To a lot of homeowners white kitchens really certainly can be a timeless classic and also the crisp look and classic lines are an ideal choice in case you wanted a contemporary kitchen to fit your modern home. White shaker style cabinets produce a sense of spaciousness, freshness and airiness and also the accent is requried to be made by functionality, practicality and efficiency.

White shaker cabinets work with other color inside the kitchen color scheme with any countertop – dark or light, backsplash or flooring. The style opportunities are numerous – modern, contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, or perhaps country – shaker cabinets blend beautifully inside the kitchen design and you‘ll have a fancy yet comfortable appearance or perhaps a comfortable, cozy yet elegant and sophisticated appearance. The stability and harmony of shaker cabinets makes them a favorite choice for several homeowners and white cabinets can balance darker shades employed for countertops or backsplash. A well balanced kitchen is much more welcoming and inviting and nowadays the kitchen is not only a spot for cooking, except for entertaining and family gatherings.

White shaker cabinets and Shaker style cabinets, generally, are characterized having a insufficient unnecessary elements, decorations and ornaments. The fundamental and simplest lines from the style bring an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility and it really is what you need inside a kitchen, isn’t it? The repeating geometric lines don‘t look so strict and uniform in shaker style cabinets and don‘t irritate the eye. You‘ll notice that a lot of contemporary kitchen designs use horizontal drawers in Shaker style which also look very beautiful.

White shaker cabinets – premium quality wood kitchen cabinets

White shaker cabinets remain fashionable although regardless of the plain look. The top quality from the wood, and that is typical to the Shaker style kitchen cabinets, is that the choice for those who would rather combine quality and appearance, functionality and design.

When selecting white shaker cabinets, you have to be mindful of the daily practicalities like maintenance. White cabinets need care as dirt, dust and food particles are easily visible. For families with young children it might be challenging to keep a spotless look. Scratches or dents will also be more visible on the white surface. When not designed properly a white kitchen could seem too sterile and cold so you need to consider complimentary accessories and accents.