Best Modern Steel Frame Homes Design Inspirations

January 21, 2017
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Steel frame homes have been shown as being most economical structures. Contemporary home architecture and construction offer many options – timber frames, concrete structures and despite that steel framing is much more popular in industrial construction, It‘s found its place in residential buildings. Steel frame homes are exceptionally resilient, durable and provide lots of benefits.

It‘s true that whenever you hear “a steel frame house” the very first impression that involves mind Isn‘t very flattering and other people imagine a boxy cage-looking structure that doesn‘t seem like home in the least which is among the main reasons why people choose alternative options. When you realize that the metal frame home offers original aesthetic possibilities and can also have an amazing appearance you‘ll alter opinion of steel framed homes. A metal frame house doesn‘t need to seem like a steel cube. You‘ll have a brick facade or wood, exterior cladding or vinyl siding to make the appearance you want. Steel framing has some advantages but It‘s some drawbacks, also — most notably its poor insulation ability so we shall have phone pros and cons of metal frame homes.

Steel frame homes – advantages and benefits

Do you know the pros of steel frame homes? Why people choose them over traditional wood framing for residential structures? What kinds of steel is designed for metal frame homes? Those are the very first questions that arrived at mind when you have to compare steel frame houses and traditional houses.

Steel has been around use for building construction because the 19th century but mainly in commercial buildings. The 2 kinds of steel are “hot-rolled” and “cold-formed”. Both types are extremely strong, but hot-rolled steel is thick and heavy. Additionally, it is extremely expensive and rarely employed for residential buildings. Cold-formed steel could be formed into much thinner profiles and can also be cut and folded. Steel frames offer the advantage from being custom made and sized throughout the production process and there‘s no got to cut and fix their size during construction. Steel framing could be ordered pre-framed meaning that all door and window openings could be constructed with a factory and delivered towards the site of construction able to erect. This means less labor cost and shorter construction period.

Durability of steel frames is a challenge to beat which is among the most important advantage. Steel frames allow bigger space involving the vertical studs and larger open space. Steel frames don‘t warp or expand which is really a major advantage when compared with wood framing. Inside a steel frame home you won‘t have issues with rotting, fungus or termites and ants. A metal frame house is much more resistant to earthquakes and high winds also.

When making a steel frame house, the within frames are grounded towards the earth which provides additional stability towards the construction and also the framing acts like a lightning rod. Further to that, steel house framing Isn‘t combustible.

Steel is completely recyclable and it is considered being an eco-friendly material. A steel frame house is the best choice for an extended life building, short construction period and environmentally friendly residential architecture.

Disadvantages of steel frame homes

Energy efficiency is the most important issue of steel frame homes. They‘re Not energy-efficient because steel has very poor insulating properties because of the fast conduction of warmth. To beat this issue, extra insulation or high efficiency insulation ought to be installed. Despite that steel frame houses are constructed quickly, the method requires knowledge, tools and special equipment. Not every contractor has the required tools, therefore you need to do some research when you have made a decision to choose a metal frame home. Steel framing is typically galvanized to guard it from corrosion as steel frames are susceptible to rust. When the surface coating is cut, scratched or penetrated moisture can cause rust.

Another disadvantage of steel frame homes is that the overall strength from the steel. It will maintain structural integrity but metal framing won‘t support heavy wall mounted furniture pieces or cabinetry. This results in a necessity of additional support which adds to the price of construction.