Best Modern Scandinavian Dining Room Design Inspirations

August 1, 2017
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We‘ll show you 50 Scandinavian dining room design and furniture ideas which may be your inspiration for your own personal unique design. Discover a symphony of simplicity and elegance, color and texture combinations, furniture and decoration ideas which can help you produce a pure and simple decor.

Scandinavian style originated inside the second half the 20th century inside the countries of Northern Europe : Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The distinctive features of Scandinavian interior are light colors, natural materials, no less than furniture and also as much natural light as you can. Scandinavian style stands out among the remainder to its simplicity and simultaneously elegance. The planning style is ideal for large and little rooms, so almost any apartment could be decorated in Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian dining room design color palette

Scandinavian dining room design features mostly white, light shades of green, brown and beige. Other colors are used primarily being an accent. Among the most famous combinations are blue or cherry red and white. You may also use other colors – soft muted green, various shades of gray, amber-yellow. The mixture of warm colors with white creates a sense of a sunny day inside the room, regardless of the weather outside. The classic contrast of white with shades of black is likewise quite trendy, mostly in modern interior designs.

Scandinavian dining room design furniture ideas

When selecting furniture for any Scandinavian dining room design you ought to follow some guidelines. The furniture for any dining room in Scandinavian style is simple, elegant and cozy. To begin with – choose the foremost important elements – tables and chairs. Furniture is seen as a functionality and multi-functional furniture is typical to the style so an extendable table, for instance, is a good choice. The furniture should have light colors created of natural materials that‘s why the foremost widely used materials is hardwood which looks as if this never was treated. Open shelves, sometimes used as an area divider will also be quite typical to the style.

Scandinavian style dining tables are made out of fine woods like oak, walnut or ash, often combined with quality finishes or metal legs. With minimalist and clean shape, the tables are simple, elegant and put in perfectly in modern interiors.

Scandinavian dining room design decorating ideas

Scandinavian style brings softness, warmth and sophistication to your residence. The fundamental materials for Scandinavian dining room design are stone, wood, ceramics and glass. Walls are white, and sometimes an accent wall in black could be added for any modern appearance.

Flooring is mainly natural wood – birch, pine, beech along with other light species and when painted, it ought to be only in one color. Accessories in Scandinavian dining room interior are limited to potted plants, rugs and paintings. Special attention ought to be paid to lighting. Once we said, the light ought to be whenever possible. That‘s why the windows are large with no blinds (sometimes translucent curtains are used ). Artificial lighting features floor lamps, wall sconces, large chandeliers, pendant lighting fixtures, etc.