Best Modern Santa Cecilia granite countertops Design

July 27, 2017
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Santa Cecilia is among the preferred natural granite from Brazil. Santa (or Saint ) Cecilia is really a Christian martyr and also the patroness of church music. You may even see it as “St. Cecilia” and in certain stone yards It‘s mentioned as “Venetian Gold”. The gorgeous stone is named after her and it‘s quarried near Sao Paolo, Braszil. The most colors of Santa Cecilia granite countertops are gold and white. The gold color is quarried given by a lower depth and also the beautiful gold shade is a result of millions of many years of oxidation. The whiter granite is quarried from bigger depth and that‘s why the golden disappears and also the granite includes a whiter shade.

Santa Cecilia granite countertops are beautiful, durable and straightforward to maintain

Granites are among the foremost ancient of stones and Santa Cecilia has all of the qualities of granite. It‘s durable, dense and really hard. It‘s widely utilized in interior design for flooring, backsplashes, countertops, fireplaces as well as bathrooms. Santa Cecilia granite countertops are beautiful for just about any home. Each slab has its own individuality and you‘ll hardly find two pieces alike. The most beige color from the stone is flecked with darker accents of black, brown and gold.

Santa Cecilia granite countertops are an inexpensive option for the kitchen

The undeniable fact that each granite slab has its own individual pattern and it‘s at an inexpensive price makes Santa Cecilia quite popular among designers and homeowners. Santa Cecilia granite countertops can give an original appearance of your respective kitchen and you may be certain that it will be unique. Santa Cecilia granite countertops look best having a gloss polished surface. The combinations of gold and brown fit perfectly to modern or traditional interiors and also the overall appearance could be quite amazing.