Best Modern Porcelain Tile Flooring Design Ideas

July 25, 2017
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Porcelain tile flooring is gaining popularity in modern interiors as it‘s considered as an excellent alternative to natural stone. Porcelain tiles are manufactured in numerous colors and finishes that it is effortless to find the ideal color for any kind of interior design. For instance porcelain tile that appears like wood is widely popular in modern or rustic decors and therefore are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Porcelain tiles are versatile and add a stylish touch towards the home as they‘re ideal for any room.

The professionals of porcelain tile flooring

Porcelain tile flooring is extremely durable which causes it to be an ideal choice for places with heavy traffic. Porcelain tile flooring is extremely resistant to water and staining, which happens to be the main reason why this sort of flooring is especially popular for kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, It‘s excellent for radiant floor heating.

When it comes to appearance, porcelain tiles can seem like natural stones – granite, marble, limestone – or several types of wood and therefore are manufactured inside a wide selection of textures, styles, sizes, and colors. Porcelain tile are especially suitable for individuals with allergies and a good choice for individuals with small children or pets.

As tile floors are non-toxic, they‘re an excellent option for individuals with severe all year-round or seasonal allergies. Also a very good choice for pet owners, as they could withstand the wear of the dog’s nails and also as previously mentioned, are simple to clean. Porcelain tile requires a minimal maintenance. It rarely scratches and can also be cleaned with anything but you ought to bear on your mind that unglazed porcelain tiles require a far more frequent cleaning.

The cons of porcelain tile flooring

Perhaps one of the main cons of porcelain tile flooring is the undeniable fact that it could be quite cold, especially in winter. Porcelain tile flooring, especially glazed porcelain tile, could be quite slippery when wet. Modern tiles can be found with anti-slip surface, and that is good to understand, in case you intend to install a brand new flooring.

Installation process is time intensive and requires professional tools which causes it to be a challenging DIY project. It‘s recommended which you hire professionals to install your porcelain tile flooring to ensure that you‘ll enjoy a gorgeous flooring.