Best Modern Kitchen and Dining Room Space Design Inspirations

July 21, 2017
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Kitchen and dining room is commonly adapted from the home owners who adore an open kitchen concept or any other similar concepts. This idea obviously offers truly practical and efficient for space, so for you personally who make a difference a limited space, just choose this idea as the very best option. Well, the listed are some inspiring ideas of kitchen and dining room. Find and choose a number of than one ideas that fit your preference. Just check them out.

Full-Cedar Kitchen & Dining Room Concept with Modern Influence

Image Source:Thielsen
A brand new concept of open kitchen which combining a kitchen with dining room. Why new? Both are separated by three steps down of stairs. The thought let people inside the kitchen getting interaction with people gathering inside the dining room. Interestingly, most kitchen properties are made out of cedar.

Minimalist Open Kitchen & Dining Room with Extra Large Open-Windows

Image Source:Nico V. D. Meulen
A modern kitchen with large glass windows open a barbeque space supplies a modern-twist in in which space. The owner creates a modern-twist simply by adding several modern accents for example glossy copper-toned pendant lamps that designed giving such a lot of modern touch. All primary elements like dining furniture set and kitchen properties are actually made in simple and minimalist look.

Wooden-Dominant-Finishing Kitchen and Eat-In Area

Image Source:Bridge Water Construction
All elements are dominated by wood finishing. Walnut upper cabinets, cherry under cabinets with granite surface, and oak-finishing floors ; this can be a great idea to involve the nature (represented from wooden like the main material ) as crucial section of kitchen design. Beige, dominant tone used during this kitchen design, also closely connects to nature-color-scheme. So, all is really a perfect combination, right?

Kitchen & Dining Room with Contemporary Additions

Image Source:Markiv Builders
Extra natural lights fill the space, resulted from glass doors inserted with sliding doors & large windows. A medium-size skylight also plays its role here like the light source. The space designed in white tone displays how the contemporary additions are now being added dominantly.

Dining and Kitchen Inspired from A Rural Building

Image Source:Jodie Cooper Design
Exactly what a wonderful if blend two different styles in one. Such as this kitchen ; the owner puts a rural interior style as special addition. The dining table without finishing and rug with rural-look patterns are two important elements reflecting a typical rural’s interior characteristics. Against this, other elements are made in modern or perhaps minimalist style. That’s so interesting.

Dining and Kitchen withe Blend Cheerful-Earthy Wood Color Schemes

Image Source:Sutton Suzuki Architects
It’s always fun to collaborate two contrasted color schemes inside an open space. Some modern dining furniture (striking blue chairs and round white table ) looks as a special element among earthy-schemed kitchen’s properties. This really is called a special accent or perhaps a focal point.

Pass-Through Kitchen and Dining Room

Image Source:Trillium Online
A pass-through kitchen is supported with a big window in order to make the owner simpler to serve & to travel the dish to family or guess sitting upon the dining chairs. This idea is very unique and practical, so it suits for you who like an easy yet accessible open kitchen.

Simple Yet Stylish Kitchen Diner

Image Source:Surrey Home Interiors
This kitchen diner is really a smart transformation of the dining room. The owner has converted a dining room into your stylish kitchen diner with sliding glass door and windows. Nature scheme here is applied on some dining furniture, making a contrast look among fully grey kitchen’s properties. This combination, in fact, makes this space a lot more stylish.

Open Kitchen to Dining & Living Room with Minimalist Style

Image Source:Dyer Grimes Architects
A classy and luxurious open space is wonderfully presented during this room. The space and that is dominantly crammed with white-schemed kitchen’s properties, looks more attractive with some striking and contrasting furniture also, like earthy wood-color dining table set with white dining chairs, brown sofa collaborated with glass center table, and lots of soon.

Transitional Kitchen & Dining Room with Walnut-Finish

Image Source:DM Interiors
It’s so elegant to combine the dove-black scheme and wood-color scheme inside a transitional kitchen. Both are contrast for one another, so there isn‘t any need to feature any special accent or focal point straight into the space. One which causes it to be more attractive is really a pendant lamp designed in semi-classic style.

Practical Kitchen Diner with L-Shape Sofa & Dining Side Chairs

Image Source:Amory Brown
Want to get a practical kitchen diner? This one could be your decision. A permanent L-shape sofa looks interesting with accent pillows like the decorative items. Dining side chairs with yellow seating is intentionally set to enhance the dining area. Then, rectangular dining table is designed in rustic style becomes a special accent during this room.

Kitchen & Dining Room with Full Skylight-Roof

Image Source:Abode Org
Large skylight-roof covers a little space where U-shape kitchen and dining room. This type of roof lets the natural lights enter into the space massively.

Barn Conversion into Kitchen Dinner

Image Source:Kitchen Architecture
A barn conversion here is transformed into an open kitchen and dining space. At glance, we will still understand the barn’s elements like barn’s door, but inside the inner space, we’ll find kitchen & dining room’s furniture sets. And, more interestingly, the majority of furniture along with other interior stuffs are dominated with Oak finishing.

Black Bean Transitional Kitchen & Dining Room

Image Source:Cabinet Studio
Black Bean concept, it sounds so interesting. The concept applies black and white like the primary schemes. Dining furniture, as an example, uses black and white to cover each item. Then, the kitchen’s cabinets are painted in black, so they’re opposite to countertop and walls in color.

Modern Minimalist Open Kitchen to Dining Room

Image Source:Tiles
A modern minimalist open kitchen integrated with dining room is really a best choice for everybody dreaming of large-space of eating and cooking area. This the first is so inspiring. The owner chooses pale beige and grey tones like the primary colors. Both keep stunning after windows & door’s black frames are now being added.

Warm-Look Kitchen & Dining Room Idea

Image Source:Eladgonen
Produce a warming nuance only by choosing right ambiance. Here, we found the owner uses original red bricks to construct the walls. These bricks walls really assistance to maximize the creation of warmth during this space. Moreover, the group of wooden dining furniture also reinforce the thought of warming space.

Traditional Open Kitchen & Dining Room

Image Source:Carpenter Mac Neille
A standard open kitchen and that is integrated with simple dining furniture is usually interesting. Blue-white patterned rug can offer another tone after white and wood-color dominating the space. A set of two glass ring bell-shape pendant lamps makes the space looks such a lot attractive.

Kitchen and Dining Room in Blue and Nature Stones Highlight

Image Source:Kitchens By Eileen
Kitchen island integrated with eating area is just one of perfect solution to create a space a lot more efficient. This one is definitely an open kitchen which highlights the nature stones like the main accent. The accent is installed in one among kitchen’s walls. Then, dark-toned wood dining chairs are intentionally set to feature another striking tone. So conduct the floors.

Open Kitchen & Dining Room with Candlelight Effect

Image Source:Candlelight Homes
Where do we discover candlelight effect? Well, candlelight effects are actually just the results of warm-ambiance produced from the series of recessed lamps. These lamps are installed in several spots like ceiling and area beneath the cabinets.

Modern Rustic Kitchen & Eat-In Area

Image Source:Melaragno
This idea is inspired coming from the House River which is designed in modern rustic. We’ve found rustic style inside the kitchen walls where textured beige walls happen to be applied. The warm-lights produced from the recessed lamps beneath the cabinets also support the warm look, especially inside the area illuminated by those lamps.

Grand & Luxurious Kitchen and Dining Room Idea

Image Source:High Gate Builders
Based for this idea, half-circular dining sofa becomes the foremost unique one as It‘s striking and distinctive style. It’s clear to discover that almost all properties and tones of color are set in traditional style. But, there’s only one spot that‘s recognizable as modern-style item. Isn’t it?

Solid-Rustic Kitchen & Dining Area under Staircase

Image Source:Chris Hawley Architect
Solid-Rustic kitchen & dining area is really a new idea to use. This one, for instance, is extremely unique since the kitchen and dining area are set near of under staircase area. Check out the colour tones applied on each section of space. The majority of options are solid ones during which they really represent raw rustic style.

Small Kitchen & Dining Room Remodel

Image Source:Pacific Family Homes
This idea is well recommended for you personally whose space make a difference inside the house. Both kitchen and dining room are made in small size but nonetheless comfortable to make use of. For such space, it’s crucial to select the ideal dining furniture and kitchen properties and check out to prioritize the proportion first over another things.

Truly Modern Kitchen & Dining Area with Classic Touch

Image Source:Maine Coast Kitchen
Turquoise-finishing covered the chairs inspire fun and beauty. This tone also gives the colourful feel to the chairs themselves. Then, the corner windows permit the sunlight enters the space and warm it naturally. The natural lights also bring the colors inside much brighter, so they’re so striking. Wood-top island and white cabinetry balance out each other, therefore the owner doesn’t need to feature attractive accent into this space. And, a set of two industrial barstools with classic pattern creates unique appearance.

Simply Traditional Dining Room and Kitchen in One Space

Image Source:style on the shoe string
The rattan chairs and cabinetry complete have similar tones and that they look so great after being collaborated with lighter tones of color like white and beige found at under cabinets and island, countertop, and dining table.

High-End Kitchen & Dining Room Idea with Clever Storage Addition

Image Source:Clever Storage US
White slipcovers installed in dining chairs enhance the kitchen’s value. They‘ve succeeded in making the space a lot more classy and luxurious. Moreover, the space is supported with warm-lights illuminated using a spot light over countertop and recessed lamps under white cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen & Dining Room Idea

Image Source:Arch Interiors
This one is that the sample of modern farmhouse kitchen and dining room idea. Arched roof top is just one of farmhouse characteristics, and it really has been combined with furniture and kitchen properties designed with modern touch.

L-Shape Kitchen and Dining Room Design with Color Combination

Image Source:Morgen Roth Development
Grey, white, and black are color combination that applied on seperate objects. The black one (dining furniture set ) becomes the foremost striking and the majority attractive accent for the space. Inside the other hands, white and grey here is aimed at reducing dining furniture’s dominant appearance, to allow them to become a perfect balanced tone combination.

Fully Wooden Kitchen and Dining Room Remodel

Image Source: Pine Street Carpenters
The space is stuffed with wooden finishes, starting from cherry to pine. Cabinetry and floors are covered with Cinnamon finish, as a craftsman panel door and vintage-style bar table are painted in brighter finishes