Best Modern Interior Design in Neutral Colors Ideas

When individuals decorate their homes it is crucial the interior reflects their personality and lifestyle. Bold, vivid colors create one kind of atmosphere and sometimes It‘s simply not the correct one to the character from the inhabitants.

We‘ll show you 5 modern homes with contemporary interior design in neutral colors created by Stanislav Borozdinskiy. Natural materials, soft shades and textures characterize the decor from the homes and create comfortable living space.

Contemporary interior design in neutral colors – a comfortable living room

The very first place is definitely an excellent example for contemporary interior design in neutral colors. The open plan and also the exposed ceiling beams give the space a modern urban atmosphere. The upholstered sectional sofa in trendy gray color and also the bedroom furniture increase the modern appearance from the home. The gray accent wall inside the living room is matched using the sofa color and is that the perfect background to the modern lighting fixtures.

Contemporary interior design in neutral colors and beautiful color contrasts

The next home is really a masterpiece of beautiful contrasts. The contemporary interior design in neutral colors takes benefit of materials and textures and provides an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The dominating white of the massive sofa creates a spectacular visual effect using the dark carpet and walls. The exposed bricks and wood panels in the house office area add slightly of rustic charm. The elegant simplicity from the bedroom is complemented from the canopy bed and also the original chandelier.

Small apartment design – modern interior in light colors

The 3rd home proves that light colors are favorable to small spaces. The white color from the brick wall and carpet are enhanced from the gray accent wall. White kitchen cabinets are beautifully accented with the colour from the backsplash and also the bar stools. The bedroom is decorated in minimalist style, with a big bed and a really original headboard. The landscape upon the accent wall is all that‘s needed to discover after an extended day‘s work.

Contemporary interior design in trendy gray shades

The neutral colors of subsequent place feature fashionable gray and white combination with modern accents in black. A big gray sofa sits against a gray wall and also a background of pure white kitchen cabinets. Unique oversized lighting fixtures increase the urban style atmosphere inside the living room.

Creamy shades inside a modern home decor

The final interior design features cream shades and eye catching lighting fixtures inside the living room. The bedroom design is very strict however the light fixture breaks the strictness from the lines and softens the masculine appearance.


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