Best Modern Bianco Romano Granite Countertops Design IDeas

July 25, 2017
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Bianco Romano is really a granite and that is quarried in Brazil. Additionally it is referred to as White Romano, Blanco Romano, Novo Branco Romano, Bianca Romano, Pashmina and Tropical White. The sort of names refers to at least one and also the same beautiful stone that has found its place in both commercial and residential areas and it is widely utilized in interior and exterior. We shall pay focus on the gorgeous Bianco Romano granite countertops in modern kitchens.


Bianco Romano is an hard granite, mainly white with grey, cream and tan veining. It strongly resembles marble, there will be spots of burgundy flecks which provides the granite its unique character. The pattern and coloring might not be a similar on a single slab or another, and it‘s recommended to select your exact slabs carefully. It is usual that the slab gets a polished finish and that‘s how you will see it in the supplier. Bianco Romano granite countertops possess a pearl effect on the surface and provides an aesthetically pleasant, elegant look to any kitchen and slightly of exclusivity.


In case you wanted a smooth, clean and relaxed atmosphere, Bianco Romano granite will match perfectly with your kitchen. The granite offers colors and shades that work well with a variety of cabinet colors and styles. Bianco Romano granite countertops could be paired with light or dark shaded cabinets like the universal color from the granite goes with any shades of cabinets.

Small kitchen areas will certainly be complemented by light cabinets – white, creamy or gray. These colors will open the space visually and also the kitchen will look bigger. Dark kitchen cabinets will provide you with a contrast and when that‘s the effect you’re attempting to find you are able to ensure that the contrasting color can give your kitchen a gorgeous look. Your kitchen may have a very striking look in case you paired the granite with black cabinets. Some slabs have grayish hues and gray cabinets also blend nicely and elegantly with Bianco Romano. Black, blue, brown or green shades to the cabinets will provide this stunning effect. Wood finishes like mahogany and cherry also will look great due to the contrast.

The very best wall colors to the kitchen would function as the light and neutral ones – creamy shades and pale grays will certainly be the foremost aesthetically pleasing and complementary within your countertop.