Best Kitchen Counter Height Stools Ideas

July 16, 2017
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Let’s begin with the fundamental question – what‘s the difference between bar stools and counter height stools? What must you know whenever you shop for stools for the kitchen? How will you tell the difference? We shall try to provide a solution to these questions and show you different varieties of counter stools so that you could choose those that could fit to your residence. What‘s the difference between bar stools and counter height stools?

Although both kinds of stools could seem quite a similar and interchangeable they differ in function and purpose. Bar stools, generally, are higher while counter height stools are lower. However simple, this can be a visual difference. The general rule is counter stools possess a height of 24-26 inches (60-66 cm ) from floor to seat. They are made to fit to some table or counter with standard height of 36-39 inches (90-100 cm ).

Tips fir Choosing counter height stools?

When selecting counter height stools the very first thing we have to do is measuring. Besides the measures we gave above, you need to ensure which you leave the required clearance for comfortable seating. Normally the clearance is between 9-12 inches (22-30cm ) between the highest of your respective leg towards the bottom from the counter or table.

Another important measurement provides you with an idea just how many stools you are able to arrange. The distance required for normal and cozy seating and considered as optimal spacing is 26-30 inches (66-76 cm ) measured from the middle of one stool to the middle from the stool next inwith it.

When it comes to design you are able to choose coming from the numerous shapes and styles, along with materials – backless, with or without arms, upholstered, wooden, metal, with contemporary or traditional design – the choices are limitless. Swivel stools are a good option as and they‘re ideal for contemporary and industrial interiors. Footrests really certainly can be a must. There is a crucial role to the comfort, especially for adults. Most designs have footrests, but just concentrate as nobody is comfortable sitting when his legs are dangling with no support.