Best Honed Granite Countertops for Kitchen

Honed granite countertops are greatly appealing to those who are not fascinated by highly reflective surfaces. Whenever you plan the planning of your respective kitchen and also have chosen to purchase a granite countertop, decided on the colour, you have to choose the finish from the granite.

With no doubt a granite countertop is definitely an asset to any kitchen because it adds stunning elegance and natural beauty towards the home. Granite comes inside a wide selection of colors and styles and you may match it using the style of your respective kitchen – whether minimalist, traditional, rustic or other style – and you‘ll understand that your granite countertop will certainly be functional, durable, resistant to heat, scratches and visually pleasing.

What‘s honed granite countertop finish?

And now what is honed granite? A honed granite is a kind of finish having a soft, more natural look and generally the surface includes a matte look which doesn‘t reflect light. Honed granite countertops don‘t have the glamorous look of polished granite countertops but a far more relaxed, informal and casual appearance and simultaneously they retain the elegance and unique look of natural stone.

The surface of honed granite countertops is smooth and feels velvety towards the touch, sometimes with a really low sheen and generally, it will take off a little from the colour and texture from the stone. This more subtle appearance gives a unique, cozy atmosphere towards the home. Honed granite countertops are employed in contemporary kitchens or other decor style just along with polished granite countertops and when selecting honed finish you won‘t lose the durability and longevity from the natural stone.

Honed granite countertop finish has some varieties like the degree of honing could be different for every individual slab. The variations of honed granite finishes include options for example satin finish, velvet finish, diamond smooth finish, etc, and it‘s advisable which you examine the varieties before you decide to continue to keep your final decision. Optionally, homeowners could make use of a color enhancer on the honed granite countertop for additional depth and richness.

What‘s the difference between honed granite countertops and polished granite countertops?

It is very important recognize that the strength and durability of granite countertops aren‘t dependable on the kind of finish – polished, leathered or honed. The difference between honed granite countertops and polished granite countertops influences the appearance and there‘s no a definite answer towards the question which is better. It‘s just two several types of finishes. The options of finish will depend entirely upon the personal taste from the customer, his individual aesthetic preferences and also the overall interior design from the home and also the decor scheme.

Do you know the pros and cons of honed granite countertops?

Why choose honed granite countertops? Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of honed finish? Will the finish from the granite countertop impact the maintenance? We shall provide you with a collection of the professionals and cons along with useful and practical advice for the upkeep of honed granite countertops to ensure that you will find the necessary information to create a decision.

The Advantages of honed granite countertops:

Appearance – Honed granite countertops possess a softer appearance when compared with polished granite. The non-reflective surface of honed granite hides imperfections and scratches inside a better way compared to the polished countertop surface. Honed granite finish has variations with flat, matte finish with little to no shine and is a superb choice whenever you aim with a more inviting, welcoming, informal and cozy atmosphere. For any vintage flair or perhaps a farmhouse look, honed granite is a superb choice also.

Honed granite is less slippery than polished granite and has got the soft look of soapstone and also the daily maintenance is straightforward and undemanding.

Disadvantages of honed granite countertops :

When compared with polished granite finish, perhaps one of the main disadvantages of honed granite countertops is the fact that they tend to be more susceptible to staining. The shortage of extra polish which acts like a sealer, leaves the structure of honed granite more porous and even when sealed, honed surface Isn‘t as stain resistant. Wine or coffee can leave stains upon the surface and acidic liquids like fruit juices and soda may etch the surface. Fingerprints, stains along with other imperfections are incredibly noticeable especially on dark colored granite.

Honed granite finish doesn‘t possess the shining surface which provides the home a sleek, modern look and also a sense of grandeur and luxury. Honed finishing mutes the colors from the granite and they don‘t possess a glossy, eye-catching appearance.

Honed granite must be sealed to avoid it from absorbing liquids and requires regular re-sealing to keep the gorgeous look. Some experts advise that honed granite ought to be resealed twice a year, however this would also depend upon the kind of granite, as some varieties are less porous than others.

How to care honed granite countertops?

Maintaining honed granite countertops Isn‘t in the least that difficult and regardless of the fact they tend to be more susceptible to staining, you are able to keep the ideal look with proper care. Here are a few simple and practical tips and guidelines which should enable you to have the ideal kitchen countertop :

Wipe spills when they occur having a damp cloth. Clean the countertop surface daily having a soft, damp cloth. In this manner you‘ll remove dirt or food remnants. Once every week use natural stone cleanser to clear the countertop thoroughly. Make use of a soft brush to avoid scratching. Rinse and wipe dry the countertop. Don‘t use abrasive cleaners, steel wool and stiff-bristled brushes. Acidic cleaners, bleaches, and alkalis ought to be avoided as They Might etch your granite countertop.

Removing stains from honed granite countertops could be made with poultice which you bought or you can mix baking soda and tepid to hot water to produce a thick paste. Apply the paste upon the stain and leave it to draw the stain for a few hours or overnight. To remove the poultice make use of a plastic putty knife, Rinse and wipe dry.