Best Headboard Design and How to Make it?

January 3, 2017
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Perhaps you have ever questioning about ways to make the headboard? When see a cool headboard, creative people may instantly questioning on its making process. To the confident people, making headboard without professional help could be more challenging than buy headboard from furniture stores. This manner also requires fewer budgets because you can use salvaged things from storage room. Moreover, its unique values Couldn‘t buy on any furniture stores. You can try this project on weekend or holiday.

Here you‘d get simple tips about ways to make a wood headboard by yourself. Before start DIY headboard project, you can check out forgotten furniture at the basement. Window panels, wood doors, and bits of glass, wood pallets, or many more unused things could possibly be recycled into cool headboard. Common reclaimed headboard idea use old wood pallets. This material could possibly be found easily on lumber shops. You can get wood pallets freely because usually people Not use them.

You‘d need plywood as basis for the pallet headboard. For full size bed frame, you‘ll need 37. 5”x52” size. You can ask the lumber shop to rip through plywood at the precise size. After that you can cutting the wood planks into smaller boards. You might have 1×6, 1×4, and 1×2 board sizes. Then, you can start to rearrange them above the plywood. Whatever combination or mosaic applied is as much as you. So you can feel exciting and fun experience to rearrange wood boards into a powerful headboard.

One good tip here set a 1×4 board in between each board row. You might put shorter pieces above longer pieces row. Next, you can stain the boards in natural color scheme for example Dark Walnut, Kona, Early American, or Wheat. Foam brushes would enable you to conduct the staining steps. Wait until each board is complete dry, after which patch them into plywood. These steps would answer question approach build a headboard in simple and quite effortless way.