Best Granite Composite Sinks

What‘s the best kitchen sink? Do you know the primary attributes of granite composite sinks? Have they got the quality of granite?

There will be numerous important questions that individuals ask once they search to get the best kitchen sink. The marketplace is flooded with numerous designs and materials – from stainless steel sinks to artisan handmade models and each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. We shall look into the latest trend in kitchen sink design – granite composite sinks.

What exactly are granite composite sinks made of?

Granite composite sinks are made of composite materials, like the name suggests. The mixture consists around 80 percent granite chips 20 percent acrylic resin. The combination leads to an extremely durable material and that is stronger than quartz and also has a far better scratch resistance.

Why choose granite composite sinks?

Any woman will claim that her sink is among the main and most significant appliances inside the kitchen so it is very important make the best choice. In the end, we want a kitchen sink not just for washing dishes, but additionally for washing products, that employed for preparing food. Well, sometimes, we utilize the kitchen sink for something as easy as washing our hands. Modern granite composite sinks provide comfortable conditions for modern housewives. What does a modern housewife want from her kitchen sink? A lot of the women will answer immediately – easy maintenance, a design that eases the washing, durability, scratch and heat resistance and last although not least – an attractive appearance.

Pros and cons of granite composite sinks

Granite composite sinks have numerous advantages when compared with kitchen sinks from other materials. The most important advantage is that the durability. Because of the undeniable fact that the manufacturing process actually uses high pressure to form composite sinks, they‘re resistant to heat, stains, scratches, and chips. Additionally, they‘re nonporous and highly hygienic. Composite sinks cope perfectly with direct sunlight, various acids, alkalis and dyes and can retain their initial color even when they are installed upon the sunny side of kitchen.

Besides the outstanding performance granite composite sinks have beautiful and really attractive designs. They could possess a classic shape or perhaps a custom shape, with one or two bowls, having a drainer or perhaps a cutting board. Another benefit of granite composite sinks is that the wide selection of designs when it comes to style, colors, shapes or finish options. You‘ll definitely discover a sink to fit your countertop and overall kitchen design. Granite kitchen sink could be found in light and bright, expressive colors but white, black, gray and brown are among the most famous choices.

Upon the downside granite composite sinks have a consistent color and you‘ll not purchase an authentic look of granite. Like the material is extremely hard, glassware, for instance, could be easily broken if dropped upon the surface. Aggressive chemicals could damage your composite sink, so ensure that you checked manufacturer’s ideas for cleaning and care.

Upkeep of granite composite sinks

Unlike natural granite, a composite granite sink surface won‘t require sealing. As it doesn‘t retain water, grease and plaque the surface is easily cleaned with tepid to hot water and also a tableware cleaning agent. Try to not use too aggressive detergents and abrasives for cleaning composite sinks. Ink or paint stains could be easily cleaned with acetone or alcohol.