Best German Bulthaup Kitchen Design Inspirations

January 24, 2017
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Bulthaup has long been known in German-speaking countries. As the minimalist kitchen furniture from the brand could seem simple initially glance, typical features of the Bulthaup kitchen design will be the clean lines and neutral colors that characteristic for any functional and highly innovative kitchen design.

The corporate offers its customers much not only practical ideas – because of innovative production technologies and modern kitchen planning the configurations possibilities are virtually endless and provide individuality and character to any kitchen.

Bulthaup kitchen design – German creativity and precision

An extraordinary design, impressive style, top quality and interesting materials define the Bulthaup kitchen design. The leading company is clearly perhaps one of the best furniture manufacturers in the planet. The luxurious Bulthaup kitchen design is really a dream which has become a reality. Bulthaup is not solely architecture and also a fine blend of different materials, though it‘s a philosophy that exploits a totally new perspective –combining luxe with practicality and functionality.

Bulthaup kitchen design – fascinating concept, perfect execution

Bulthaup company was creates by Martin Bulthaup in 1949 and is operating for longer than 5 decades. Bulthaup products happen to be very successful and also the name Bulthaup gained popularity. Until the first seventies Bulthaup kitchen designs has developed a concept the kitchen of the longer term is needed not such a lot for cooking, except for heating the prepared food.

The corporate offers innovative solutions, excellent creative approach and combines modern technology with interior design inside an exciting manner. If you‘re also fascinated from the Bulthaup kitchens, then you‘ll certainly realise why they‘ve received through the years numerous awards for their designs.

Bulthaup kitchen design – ergonomics and individuality

Bulthaup kitchens have another distinctive feature – ergonomics with emphasis on design. Three product lines, b1, b2 and b3, have special characteristics which get them to highly popular.

Bulthaup kitchens coming from the b1 series happen to be designed with pure, straight lines. Doors and drawers are handleless which kitchen will certainly be especially appealing towards the younger people. The options of finishes, cabinets and countertops is either from wood, stainless steel or white. b2 product type of Bulthaup kitchens include two cabinets for dishes as well as for built-in appliances for example refrigerator, dishwasher and oven. A kitchen island features a cooking plate and water point. The easy access of cabinet content is important.

B3 product type of Bulthaup kitchens is characterized using its functionality. A further wall, just before the particular wall, called functional wall is designed like a supporting base to the appliances and kitchen furniture. With respect to the space, these appliances and kitchen furniture could be adjusted and attached for this wall. Knife sharpeners, paper roll holder and shelves could be attached in the joints. Lots of storage space is likewise a main feature of the merchandise line.