Best Exotic Tropical Roof Design Inspirations

August 2, 2017
Architecture   55 views

Indulge your eyes using the charm of those tropical roof design ideas. Oh, you don‘t even need to force you to ultimately bring the beauty to your residence design if it‘s impossible to carry out. What we wish to show you here is when exotic the natural elements are!

Indeed. What could be more suitable (and related to ) for tropical house roof design otherwise the natural materials? Wood, bamboo, hay—they are only a few of them and preferred choices when one thinks of tropical home design. Remember your last trip to Phuket or Maldives? For Westerners, bamboo or thatch roof is associated with nothing but tropical resorts. And that‘s probably why it features a relaxing and tranquil vibe.

As an example, check out this beautiful modern tropical house that doesn’t quit using its thatch roof and open floor plan. Coming from the poolside lounge, the exterior looks simply fascinating with modern design style leaves the traditional-inspired design unobstructed, aside coming from the additional bedroom on mezzanine level with tall glass windows. Walking straight into the open living room, you may be indulged by warmth and airiness that coordinates beautifully, because the bamboo and thatch are forming the roof structure and that is left exposed.

Even so, you don’t need to force yourself to reach overboard using the natural material. Well, why don’t you merely add just a little touch of tropical vibe within your modern residence instead? Checking climate, you‘ll find it’s impossible to possess bamboo or wooden roof. But, it doesn’t mean wooden pergola is impractical, right? Actually, wooden pergola could be built to follow the simplicity and cleanliness of modern design style. Alternatively, you might want to invest your hard earned money for sustainable design home instead, which employs not just natural materials but additionally sustainable ones—such as salvaged woods or bamboo—for the entire structure, including roof.