Best Exotic Industrial Bathroom Design Inspirations

July 22, 2017
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Using the growing popularity of Industrial style we view it in several interiors that focused on functionality instead of decoration which is among the basic principles from the style.

An industrial bathroom design includes a vintage atmosphere and combines elements typical to the industrial or rustic decors.

How to decorate a stylish and functional industrial bathroom?

A show stopping industrial bathroom can‘t be mistaken. It features a unique character and demonstrates the personal taste and individuality from the homeowner. When you would like an industrial decor, probably the most popular elements is metal. Copper, steel, brass, aluminum – these can be utilized as exposed pipes, vintage faucets, mirror frames or bathroom accessories.

Metal elements could be creatively exposed or used as lighting fixtures. There is a natural raw appearance but you have to be careful not to produce a look in an unfinished bathroom. Copper pipes obtain a beautiful patina as time passes trying to find absolutely beautiful. Clawfoot tub bathroom design ideas could be successfully blended like the vintage appearance from the tub works using the Industrial style concept.

Industrial bathroom ideas – lighting and finishes

Because the Industrial style is about roughness, don‘t be scared to leave the walls from the bathroom without plaster. Concrete, exposed bricks, large sized tiles or subway tiles really certainly can be a suitable choice to the decor in an industrial bathroom. Wood is yet another important element inside the Industrial style. When you have ceiling beams – leave them visible. Upcycle old wooden frames and utilize them like a wall mirror.

Colors and color combinations are of importance in case you wanted to produce a true industrial style. Brown combined with another color, gray, black – these will be the typical colors to the style. Lighting fixtures are another element that can help you increase the industrial atmosphere. Ceiling lights, wall sconces, pendant lights – use several types of light fixtures which you could find at flea markets or from manufacturers to make an intriguing and original bathroom decor.